Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weezy F. Jailbird

So LIL WAYNE is going to JAIL. Remember waaaay back in 2007 when he got arrested for a gun charge in NYC? Well he got a plea bargain. He will plead guilty and spend 8 months in jail instead of going to trial and facing up to 15 years. (Read Here)


I watched Weezy's BEHIND THE MUSIC and they said that the gun wasn't why does he have to plead guilty to a crime that he didn't commit? Unless he IS guilty...interesting. What happned to the concept of innocent until proven guilty. I don't think it exists anymore.

But the point is this: another rapper is going to jail. These men are idolized in their communities, but they all end up in jail. Is it because of their fame? If Lil Wayne was just a regular dude, would he have been arrested? But I'm just sayin...


  1. Just stupid. Everybody got to live up to their thug images!

  2. Well I look at it like this. At least he won't be getting anymore chicks pregnant. There are rumours of a THIRD woman knocked up with Leaky Weezy.

  3. He needs to fuck some thugs instaed of making so many babies he ain't going take care of!!!

  4. I'm sure Weezy will probably be fucking some thugs in jail. You know he has to fuck 10 times a day. *rolleyes* Hell, he's probably been messing with them anyway butcontinues to make babies with these women to dispel those rumors that surrounds him, Baby and the label. Weezy's is basically a walking sperm donor.

    We actually talked about this in class earlier today: the more money/fame/popularity, the more power the individual has. Any normal, regular individual would get sentenced the normal time (in this case, 15 years) but the rich, powerful and famous gets shortened time based on plea bargains (see: T.I. and Lil' Wayne) AND early release for "good behavior" (see: Bobby Brown).

    As for Weezy saying the gun didn't belong to him, he obviously still had the gun in his possession and happened to have gotten caught with it, whether it belonged to him or not. Maybe he is guilty or not, however, his plea helped him to avoid a (lengthy) trial.