Monday, December 28, 2009

Valentine's Day is STUPID


SO it might be a little early to start ranting about how much I HATE Valentine's Day...seeing as how it's still 2009 and we have about a month and a half until this stupid day approaches.


I really really really REALLY HATE Valentine's Day. And before you try to DO me and say somethin like 'Oh he jus mad cuz he aint got no man' let me let YOU know that I'm in a healthy and committed relationship, so my distaste for this stupid holiday has nothing to do with that.

Why do I hate Valentine's Day?

Because it's STUPID! Why do I need a special day to buy someone a gift and spend time with them? I should do that on a regular basis. The stores are filled with chocolate, pink teddy bears, flowers, cutesy wutesy cards, and all kinds of other shit. And honestly, what do YOU do with the gifts that your significant other has bought you for V-Day? After you break up with the person you end up trashing the shit, right? Right!


Valentine's Day is stupid...SO wer'e NOT gonna celebrate it in 2010. Ok we BF will be highly upset if I don't get him something.

But I will say one NICE thing about this stupid's a great excuse to FUCK someone! ;-)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

PSA: I am NOT the Gay Representative!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE gays! Hell, I AM one (sometimes)! I get loose when a certain Britney, Rihanna, or Bey song starts playing. And my favorite color is purple (because it's a symbol of royalty...don't do me)

But I am NOT NOT NOT and let me repeat NOT a representative of the gay community. Like I said, I love the gays, but I don't know why they do the things that they do. I can't tell you if someone is gay just by looking at them (actually I can, but I would prefer not to).

Straight people really irritate me with this bullshit.


Cute guy wearing skinny jeans walks into my store.

Coworker: (LOUD) Is he gay?
Shrugs Shoulders
In my mind I'm thinking: BITCH if you wanna know then ask aint like you gonna fuck him if he aint (horrible grammar)


Mom: I heard one of the Jackson brothers is gay. (She says 'gay' in a quiet whisper, as if its a curse word or somethin...)

Me: Oh really?
In my mind I'm thinking: "I REALLY don't care...he's a little old for me."

If she woulda mentioned Ron Artest (Lakers), Andre Johnson (Texans), Mo Williams (Cavaliers), or Brandon Roy (Trailblazers) then I woulda been on the first flight to LA, Houston (wait, nevermind), Cleveland, or Portland.

So this is a PSA for all the straight people in the audience (if there are any): Please DON'T do the following:

1. Ask a gay man about another mans sexuality (We really don't care, unless he's an athlete)
2. Ask 'why do gay people _______'? (That's like asking 'why do Blacks/Mexicans/Asians ________'. It's RUDE!)
3. Ask if gay people's parents approve of their lifestyle. (It doesn't fucking matter if they approve!)
4. Congratulate a Houstonian on the election of Annise Parker. (We are glad she won, but we're off that now so let it go. We didn't congratulate black folk when Pres. Obama was elected)
5. Ask how we feel about gay marriage. (Ok that's just me...personally I don't believe in straight marriage either, since more than half of them #FAIL but #imjussayin)

Gays are just regular folk like everyone else...we wake up, go to work (most of us), come home, eat, sleep, and shit just like everyone else. So please please please PLEASE don't try to understand why we do the things that we do. K? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So I guess I should be thankful...

I have a house...

A car...

And A job...

I'm alive and healthy

I guess 2009 was a good year for me. Yeah I had my ups and good and bad moments (but who didn't?)

I discovered that I'm a pretty good writer (and a halfway decent photographer) and I plan on taking my talents to the next level in 2010.

As we spend the next week getting full and DRUNK, lets be thankful for what we have and remember the ones that are less fortunate than we are.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Control pt. V (Is it Over?)

Nicholas didn’t know what to do. Part of him wanted to leave his ex boyfriend lying on the ground, however a voice was telling him to ‘do the right thing’. He searched the area and noticed a half empty bottle of painkillers on the ground. He dialed 911 and the paramedics arrived moments later. They tried to resuscitate him as they went to the nearest hospital and Justin was rushed to the ER. His stomach was pumped, but it may have been too late. He slipped into a coma.

Nicholas sat in the lobby thinking about his painful relationship with Justin. He hoped his ex lover would recover, but he felt that he deserved this for being so abusive. He believed Justin should be punished, and God was doing his job. He checked the time...6pm. He remembered his date with Anthony at 7. He smiled when Anthony called.

“Hey baby...what’s up?”

“Just wanna make sure you’re still coming over...”
“Of course...but I might be late. I’m at the hospital”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll tell you about it later”


Meanwhile, Anthony was still trying to get rid of his boyfriend. 

“Why are you here?”

“Because I wanna see you!”

“This isn’t working...I can’t do this anymore. This distance is killing us!”

“Baby we can work it out!”

“Then move to Miami...”

“You know I can’t do that!”

“Then that’s it...”

Anthony felt that it was time to break up with his boyfriend. The relationship was dead and it was time to move on. He went into the kitchen and started cooking. He was making shrimp fettuccine alfredo 

At the hospital, Nicholas was still contemplating his next move. He got up to leave, then looked back at his ex lover on the hospital bed and sat back down. He couldn’t leave him alone. He still loved him, even after the shit he put him through. He was confused and couldn’t think clearly.

He decided to step outside and clear his thoughts. He thought about all the times that Justin beat him. He thought about the hell that he had been through during the last three years. He wanted to leave, but he couldn’t. He cheked the time again...6:30. He went back to Justins hospital bed.

What if he didn’t make it? He was prepared to live a life without him. He continued to think about his life and what he should do. An hour passed by...then two hours...then three. He kept ignoring calls and texts from Anthony. The doctor said that Justin would be fine, but Nicholas couldn’t leave his side until he let him know how he felt.

“I hate you Justin! I can’t believe you did this to me! I can’t believe I stayed with you! You’re a liar and you don’t deserve a guy like me!”

Even though he was in a coma, Nicholas felt that he got the message. He decided it was time for him to leave. He called Anthony to apologize but he didn’t answer. He sent a response. He made the 15 minute drive to Anthony’s house and noticed an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway. At first he was angry, but he realized that he stood him up and he didn’t have the right to be upset. He took a deep breath as he walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Anthony answered the door with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Oh NOW you wanna show up?”

“I’m sorry...Justin tried to commit suicide and I was at the hospital with him”

“Fuck that nigga...this  night was supposed to be about me and you.”

“Who the fuck is that?” he asked as he noticed Paul in the living room. 

“My ex”

“Ex? If he’s your ex then why the fuck is he here?”

“Keep my name out your mouth little boy! I will fuck you up!” Paul said as he stood between the two men.

“Fuck both of you! You can have each other...” Nicholas said as he stormed off. He wasn’t about to fight over ANY matter how good it was. He liked Anthony, but he came with too much baggage.

“Wait, please don’t leave!”

“Fuck you...I don’t have time for this shit!”

Anthony grabbed Nicholas’ arm, pulled him back, and kissed him in front of Paul.

The kiss was magical, but it didn’t change Nicholas’  mood. He was still leaving.

“Call me when you get rid of that problem” he said as he pointed to Paul and drove off.


Nicholas woke up to a bright and sunny day. He called the hospital and was told that Justin was doing fine and would be released the next day. He was happy that he was ok and was ready to move on with his life. He looked up at the ceiling and placed his hand on his fully erect dick. He started stroking as he thought about Anthony lying naked next to him. He started stroking harder as he thought about Anthony smashing his brains out. He was interrupted by a knock on the bedroom door. He threw on a pair of black basketball shorts before he told the intruder to come in. It was Tony...

“I made breakfast...I know you been going though it lately.”

Tony made sausage, biscuits, eggs, and bacon. 


His hardon would have to wait. He ate, showered, then started out with his plans for the day. He decided he would look for a new place and begin his new single life. He had on a pair of grey slacks and a lime green fitted button down shirt. He was leaving as Anthony pulled up in the driveway. 

“I’m sorry about last night” he said

“It’s cool...did you get rid of that nigga?”

“Yeah. He went back to Texas this morning. Look I was hoping we could start over.”

“I guess...but we need to take it slow.”

Nicholas told Anthony that he would call him later and set off to begin the rest of his life. He was excited about his new begin and anxious to start this new chapter in his life.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Importance of Communication


I really don't know why people ask ME for relationship advice. I suck at relationships! I'm NOT good at relationships! Me and relationships do NOT get along. Honestly, I don't know how I've managed to stay IN a relationship for nearly two years.


People ask me for advice.



Relationships are filled with misunderstandings and what-not, and its important to fully understand each others point of view. It's important to know where everyone is coming from to avoid a frustrating situation. Good SEX is also VERY important! ;)

The Definition of Privacy

I aint even gon lie (Horrible grammar, I know) my phone is password protected. Why? Because I don't like nosy people! Many would argue that if you are in a relationship then you have a right to go through your mates phone, and vice versa. Others would say that it is a direct invasion of privacy.

I've gone through someones phone before...and I found out some VERY interesting things. Things that I really didn't want to know...

The point is this: What's done in the dark will come to light, and hoes ALWAYS get caught! ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's About DAMN Time!

Congratulations to my ALMA MATER Prairie View A&M University for capturing the SWAC championship for the first time in 45 years! PV was on ESPN for losing 80 straight games in the 1990s...

#7: QB KJ Black
#90: DE Quinton Spears

Now I could BORE you with stories about fucking the football players during my four years at PV, but you wouldn't be interested in that type of I'll just leave you with the eye candy!

Control, pt. IV (Surprise!)

Nicholas went into the house and walked past Tony to his bedroom. Tony knew something was wrong and tried to comfort his friend. He told him about the situation with Anthony.

“I’m scared Tony. I think I’m catching feelings, but it’s too soon.”

“I told you to stay away from him...he’s a manwhore”

“But he bought me all these gifts.”

He told him about the shopping trip and Tony was surprised.

“REALLY!? Maybe he’s not bad after all...I know he has a boyfriend though. You should definitely talk to him about it, especially if you think you’re feeling this dude.”

“Fuck him...I aint got shit to say after the way he snapped at me”

“Just follow your heart...”


The sun was shining brightly when Anthony woke up the next morning. He couldn’t believe he snapped at Nicholas the day before. He was starting to like him a lot and he decided that he would come clean before they got too deep. He looked at the clothes and shoes he had bought for him and decided to deliver them. Maybe he wasn’t angry anymore. He put on a pair of black Jordan basketball shorts, a Miami Dolphins t-shirt and a pair of Jordan sandals. He grabbed the bags and walked next door.


He hesitated. He thought about leaving but as he was turning around Nicholas opened the door.


“You still mad at me?”


“Here” Anthony handed him the bags and a teddy bear as Nicholas invited him inside.

“Where’s Tony?”

“At work like always. Why are you here?”

“I just want to talk”

Anthony told him everything about his two year old son and the mother of his child. He told him about the fact that his ‘baby  mama’ was his high school sweetheart and lied about taking birth control pills. He told him that he rarely sees his son. Nicholas asked him if he had a boyfriend.

He paused

“It’s complicated”


“I have a dude, kinda. But he lives in Texas. He’s an engineer for an oil company but we hardly ever see each other.” Anthony said as he looked down at the ground. He loved his boyfriend but the distance was killing the relationship and he knew that he was cheating on him.They only saw each other once a month and they were both addicted to sex. His name is Paul. He’s 5’9, dark skinned, with a nice body and a nice round ass.

Anthony grabbed Nicholas’ thigh and looked into his eyes.

“I like you...I wanna get to know you.” Anthony said as he leaned over to give him a kiss. He rejected him at first, but then allowed his hormones to take control. They kissed passionately. Anthony softly grabbed his neck and caressed his back. They were both rock hard! Anthony stood up and took of his basketball shorts and boxers. Nicholas looked with delight at the 12 inch dick sitting in front of him. He licked the head, then went up and down the shaft, teasing the python with his tongue before putting all twelve inches in his mouth. Anthony yelled and moaned as Nicholas slurped on the 12 inch manhood. He went to the guest room, pulled a condom out of his bag, and came back to the couch. He ripped the golden wrapper, slipped the condom onto Anthony’s dick, then kissed him softly as he turned around. He bent over the couch and let Anthony hit it from the back. 

He started with long, slow strokes, allowing him to get used to it. He started moving faster and faster. He was excited by Nicholas’ warm, tight ass.

“Damn this shit is good...who’s ass is this?”


“Yours baby...yessssss”

The sound of Anthony’s balls smacking against Nicholas’ ass turned both of them on even more, and the session got more intense. Anthony gripped Nicholas’ waist and started pounding harder and faster as they climaxed.

“Damn...fuck good nigga, you got some GREAT!”


They picked up their clothes and went into the guest bathroom. It was huge! They stepped in the shower and cleaned each other off, kissing passionately. When they were finished, Anthony invited him over for dinner later that night.

“I’ll be there at 7...”

Nicholas was confused. He was catching feelings for Anthony, but he didn’t trust him. He wasn’t going to rush into a relationship. 

Meanwhile, Anthony went back to his home to prepare for his date. He opened the door and was shocked to find Paul sitting in the living room.

“Hey baby,” Paul said as he stood up to greet his lover. Anthony gave him a hug and kissed him on the forehead.
“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you! I missed you!”

Paul obviously had something up his sleeve. Anthony had been begging him to visit him for months, but he always had a lame excuse. Now he’s sitting on his couch. Something DEFINITELY wasn’t right.

“What the fuck is going on Paul? You never wanna come out here. What’s up?”

“Nothing baby. I miss you. Is that a crime? I can’t come visit my baby? Besides...its been awhile since I got some of that good dick...”


Anthony walked past his lover and went into the bathroom to take a shower and figure out how he was going to spend time with Nicholas and get rid of his boyfriend.

While Anthony was dealing with his situation, Nicholas was on his way to Justin’s house to pick up the phone that was accidentally delivered there. He was dreading the trip. He didn’t want any drama, and he was hoping Justin wasn’t home. 

He opened the door and noticed the package on the floor and picked it up. Justin was nowhere to be found. He looked around the room and reminisced about the times he shared with his boyfriend. He thought about the fights, the arguments, and the SEX. He was about to leave when he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. He wanted to leave, but something told him to check it out. He walked to the bathroom and Justin was laying motionless on the ground.

MY Rookie of the Year

So I'm watching the Texans/Seahawks (Texans actually WON) and this beauty flashed across my screen.

Meet Mr. Deon Butler

Rookie Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks....
He's a cutie. I mean, he's not Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, or Andre Johnson BUT he can still GET IT! He looks like a bottom...which works just fine for me!

PS: Control pt. 4 Coming Soon

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Support Tiger Woods

I wish everyone would LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!

He cheated on his wife!!!

So what?

I'm not saying what he did was right, but name an athlete that hasn't cheated on his wife? Besides, she started as a jumpoff and she got pregnant (lucky...bitch probably used a turkey baster)

He lost his Gatorade endorsement deal, which I believe is completely UNFAIR. This is a private matter between him and his 'wife' and its really starting to get out of hand.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Control, pt. III (Quality Time)

“Who the fuck was that?” Justin screamed as Nicholas walked across the driveway. Anthony stayed at the end of the driveway, observing the scene.

“None of your damn business!” Nicholas yelled as he pushed him out of the way. 

“You ARE my business! Baby I’m trying to change!”

“It’s too late for that!”

Justin attempted to hit his ex boyfriend, but he ducked and punched him in the jaw, making him fall to the ground. He got up and attempted another hit, but Nicholas ducked and punched him again. 

Justin got up and pushed Nicholas to the ground. As he got up he noticed Anthony approaching them from behind with a baseball bat. He hit Justin in the back and he fell to the ground. Nicholas kicked him in the chest, then spit on him before walking into the house with Anthony.

“You ok? That nigga is psycho...”

“Yeah I’m good. Thanks for the help.”

“Anytime. Well let me know if you need anything.”

Anthony gave Justin an angry look as he got in his car at went home. Justin stared back at him, then at Nicholas.

“This aint over! I’ll be back!”

Justin got in his car and drove off.

Tony came home several hours later. He looked at his friend in shock as Nicholas told him about the incidents from earlier.

“You better leave Anthony alone! He’s NOT a good person.”

Tony told him that Anthony was messing around with several men in cities across the country, including Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and New York. He was living with his “main BF” and the story about a girlfriend and a kid wasn’t true. At this point Nicholas didn’t care. He wasn’t looking for a relationship, he just wanted a rock hard dick, and Anthony could be that person. And he was turned on by the fact that he stood up to Justin. He would definitely keep his guard up though. He let his guard down with Justin and ended up in the hospital five times. He began to think about his tumultuous relationship...

“How did Justin know I was here?” Nicholas asked.

“Hmph...he probably has some tracking shit on you. You know they got that ‘Locator Spy Shit’. You can find out someones exact location...”

Nicholas got angry. He threw the phone against the wall and started crying. Tony comforted his friend and offered him a glass of wine. He drank the wine, then to the guest room and watched TV until he fell asleep.

It was raining when he woke up the next day. Tony was at work already and he was home alone. He had a headache and he felt scared and lonely. He was afraid Justin was watching him and didn’t want to leave the house. He jumped when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door and smiled when he saw Anthony.

“Whats up...I was just checking up on you. I called you last night but you didn’t answer. I wanted to make sure you were ok...”

Nicholas smiled hard. Nobody had ever cared about him like this.

“Yeah I’m phone is broken.”

“Well lets chill. I’m free today...maybe we can catch a movie or something?”

“Uhh I’m not looking for another relationship.”

“Who said anything about a relationship? I just wanna spend time with you!”

Nick liked the idea of spending time with Anthony. He told him to come back in an hour so he could get ready. He jumped in the shower and wondered if he was making a mistake. Tony warned him to stay away from Anthony, but how bad could he be? He thought about his dreads, his perfect body, and his beautiful caramel colored dick. He got hard thinking about him, wishing he was in the shower with him. He closed his eyes and started stroking slowly. He thought about Anthony kissing his neck and holding his waist and began to stroke faster. He thought about Anthony’s hard, chiseled body banging against his as he came in the shower. He paused before grabbing the soap and washing his body. He turned the water off, dried his body, then put on his outfit for the day. It stopped raining so he decided to wear a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, a pair of blue denim jeans, and a light green Ralph Lauren polo shirt with a pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers. The doorbell rang. He smiled as he greeted Anthony at the door.

They got into Anthony’s car and drove off. They spent the day shopping in Bal Harbour. Anthony bought him some new Prada shoes, a new wallet, and several Lacoste polos. He offered to pay but Anthony rejected him.

“Naw baby it’s ok. I got you!”

This made him smile. He was used to Justin buying things for him, but usually it was after a fight. It was nice to be treated like a Prince. At that moment Anthony appeared to be everything that Nicholas wanted. He was sexy, he had money, and he treated him right. He didn’t want to get too involved with him. After all he wasn’t sure about this guy. Something didn’t feel right, and he was always thinking about Tony’s warning. 

“You hungry?” Anthony asked.


They decided to go to Caffe Milano, an Italian restaurant in South Beach. The hostess seated them and they talked as they waited for the waiter.

“So what do you do?” Anthony asked as he stared into his eyes

“I’m a writer.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah...I’m working on my third novel.”

“How did you end up with that crazy ass boyfriend?”

Ex boyfriend...and that’s a long story. He was there for me when I was going through a tough situation. He wasn’t always the jerk that he is. He used to be really sweet.”

“You deserve better. He won’t hurt you me.”

Nicholas smiled. He was starting to trust Anthony and knew that he would be spending more time with him in the future. The waiter came and took their order and they continued their conversation as they waited for the food to be delivered.

“So tell me about your son...”

That seemed to anger him

“He’s two years old and his name is AJ. What more do you need to know?”

Nicholas got scared. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked, but they were vibing and he wanted to know about his new friend. 

“Sorry, I just wanted to know a little more about you...”

“It’s really none of your damn business!” Anthony yelled as the food was being brought to the table. The waiter stared at him for a second, then placed the food on the table and left. Nicholas looked at Anthony, then looked at his plate. He suddenly lost his appetite. 

“Take me home” he said.


“Nigga you heard me! Take me home, NOW!”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t like talking about my family,” Anthony replied.

Nicholas didn’t care. Anthony snapped for no apparent reason, which was something Justin did. He didn’t want to be involved in another abusive situation.

“Whatever. Just take me home!”

Anthony paid for the meal, then they left. Nicholas was quiet during the ride home, and didn’t say anything as they pulled up to the driveway.

“I’m sorry Nick”

Nicholas just looked at him as he got out of the car and walked to the door.

“You forgot your bags...”

“Keep them. Give the shit to somebody else...I don’t want anything from you!”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mr. Obama...

Our PRESIDENT'S current approval rating is 47%



That is the LOWEST 1st year December approval rating of ANY president in recent history...

I think he's doing a GREAT job. He's trying to improve the failing healthcare system and fix the mess that our country is in. What people fail to realize is that George Bush didn't CREATE the problem, he ADDED to it. (Don't get me wrong, Bush is still an IDIOT) Our country has been treading downhill since the Reagan years and we FINALLY hit rock bottom last year. President Obama is doing his best to tackle various issues, and I think he's doing the best he can with the resources that he has. So let's get off of the mans DICK and let him do his job! (You know I can't write an entry without mentioning that word!) Thank you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Control, pt. II (Pleased to Meet You)

He woke up about an hour later and took a shower. The mind blowing sex didn’t change ANYTHING! He was still leaving. He got out of the shower and put on a pair of light blue skinny jeans, a bright yellow t-shirt, and a pair of silver Nike high-tops. He sprayed his Dolce & Gabana cologne and went downstairs. He kissed Justin on the forehead, grabbed his things, and walked out of the door.

He called his best friend, Tony.

“Hey BITCH!!!”

He was glad to hear his best friends voice.

“I left! I finally left!”

“What??? It’s about damn time! This deserves a party!”

“Bitch shutup! I need a place to stay for a few days.”

“You know you can stay with me. You don’t even have to ask!”

“What about your boyfriend?”

“Fuck that trifling ass nigga. I need to tell you about him!”

“OK, well I’ll be there in 30 minutes!”

Nicholas jumped into his black BMW 650i and drove across town to Tony’s house. He already had a drink waiting for him. Nicholas and Tony had been best friends since they were 15. Tony was 5’8, dark skinned, and slightly thick. He was always dating someone new and he only dated people with money. I wouldn’t call him a gold digger...he had his own real estate investment company and he was LOADED. He was smart with his money and managed to stay afloat during the rough economy. Nicholas gave his friend a hug as walked into his home.

They sat in the kitchen, drank Apple Martinis, and talked about their boyfriends.

“That  muthafucka cheated on me!” Tony said as he sipped his drink.


“Yes. Caught the bitch in MY bed!”

“Oh HELL naw!”

“And you wanna know the worst part? He was fucking fish! Fish in my bed! Bitch I had to burn those sheets and get a new set!”

“So are you gonna break up with him?”

Tony looked at him as if he had asked a stupid question, then took a slow sip of his drink.

“Girl I don’t know. The dick is good and he has money...then again the mutha fucka is a LIAR. Now tell me about you!”

Nicholas told Tony about the latest fight, the breakup sex, and his courage to leave. They talked for a few minutes before Tony went to work, leaving Nicholas home alone. He decided to go into the living room and watch TV. He began flipping through the channels until he stopped on The Wendy Williams Show. It was his guilty pleasure. She was just getting into the hot topics when the doorbell rang. 

He wasn’t gonna answer, but it rang again. 

He got up to see who was at the door.

“I’m coming...hold on!”

He opened the door and saw a 5’10 yellabone with dreads wearing basketball shorts and a fitted black tshirt. He looked like some sort of athlete.

“Is Tony here?”

Nicholas barely heard him. He was mesmerized by the visitors eyes.

“Uhh, nah bruh. He went to work”

“Oh. Well the mailman accidentally delivered some of his mail to me. Can you give it to him?”

Can you give it to ME? Nicholas thought to himself. He imagined being with the stranger on the couch sucking him up, then allowing him to blow his back out.


“Uhh, yeah. I’ll give it to you...uhh I mean I’ll give it to him. What’s your name?”

“My name is Anthony but everyone calls me Ant.”

He thought about inviting him inside and pleasuring him. He studied his body and his eyes rested on his shorts. He wondered what was lying underneath.

“Well I’m about to go to the gym. I usually don’t do this but would you like to join me?”

“Yeah. Let me change”

Nicholas changed into his gym clothes and met his new friend outside. They hopped into his silver 2009 Mercedes S550 and drove to the gym. They worked out for two hours, then entered the steam room. 

“So where are you from?” Nicholas asked.

“I’m from Atlanta, but I moved here two years ago. What about you?”

“I’m originally from Alabama, but I’ve been in Miami for five years.”

Anthony was 25 years old with a degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech. He had a girlfriend named Lela and a two year old son named AJ (short for Anthony Junior).   Nicholas usually didn’t mess with men that were involved with women, but he couldn’t resist. Anthony was too sexy! They continued talking and making eye contact in the steam room. There were two other men on the other side of the room. Anthony looked at him and bit his lower lip, which turned him on even more. He couldn’t resist. The thought of Anthony’s lips on his body made him hot. He looked him in the eyes, then surveyed his chest and abs. Finally the other men left and he let temptation get the best of him. He moved closer to Anthony and started kissing on his neck. He pushed him away.

“Hold on bruh. What makes you think I get down like that?”

“I saw how you were looking at me when we were working out...”

Anthony chuckled. He licked his lips, then started nibbling on Nicholas’ ear. Nicholas put his hand on Anthony’s back and started sucking on his nipples. He moved down his chest and his stomach, then unwrapped his towel and started nibbling on his thighs. The door was unlocked and they could get caught at anytime. This turned Nicholas on even more...

“Damn boy...that shit feels good”

He teased the head with his tongue and started bobbing his head back and forth. The idea of them getting caught turned him on even more. He licked the shaft up and down, then put the entire dick in his mouth. Anthony was enjoying the pleasure and his dick was getting wetter as Nicholas showed his skills. Nicholas was determined to make him nutt. Anthony was getting excited by Nicholas’ warm, wet throat.

“Oh shit I’m about to nutt!”

Nicholas pulled his face away and Anthony shot on his chest. They wiped off, took a shower, and left the gym. Anthony dropped him off at Tony’s house and they exchanged numbers. Justin was standing in the driveway...