Friday, October 23, 2009


SO I came home from work with a PIZZA BOX and sat it on the kitchen counter.

BF: Did you have pizza at work today?

ME: (sarcastically) Nahhhhhhh I just brought home a random pizza box.


OK  maybe my comment was a little rude. Ok it was totally rude and uncalled for. But was a silly question. But I run into this situation every day at work. People ask the craziest questions with the most obvious answers.

Customer: UHHHH why my phone don't work??? (I know that's not correct grammar, but my customers are idiots)

Me: Because you have to turn it on

Ok, they aren't THAT dumb, but you get my drift. But #imjustsayin


  1. I probably would have said the same thing. I ask my BF questions all the time and there more of conversation starters than actually questions I want to know the answer to. Be nice to your BF! I'm sure he's really sweet.

  2. My BF ask dumb shit all the damn time. I am like #boysatyoassdown !!!!! If I am bitchy, I am prolly horny.!

  3. LOL he is VERY sweet and I love him to death. And I guess his dumb questions are conversation starters too...and I get bitchy when I'm horny too

  4. Well, at least they're just trying to start conversations. I get these dumb ass questions all the damn time, and NO they're NOT conversation starters. I can be the most sarcastic and rudest person you'd come across but dammit I will shame a person that asks a dumb question they know the answer to. #PetPeeve