Monday, October 26, 2009

I-45 pt. 2

Yall thought I forgot???

OK so I got a text from sexy dreadz


I'm thinkin, WTF? I was just playin when I took his number. I didn't plan on doing anything with this dude. BUT he was hella sexxxi. He looked something like this:

Imagine the many things your tongue can my mind is racing. I had 3 options:

OPTION A: Play the role of the good boy and leave him alone
OPTION B: Take an 'extended lunch' and smash his brains out...or put the tongue to work
OPTION C: All of the above

Ok, option C doesn't really make sense...I txtd him back.


About 10 minutes later he sent another text.

'Come thru' I'm faced with the same three options. Well, two options actually. What should I do? What would YOU do? You would fuck...don't deny it. You know you would!

And so would I...we arranged to meet up when I got off of work that evening. I got off, went home, showered, and went to his house. He lives about 10 minutes away from me. He answered the door wearing a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else. I stared at his cakes as I followed him into the apartment...nearly started drooling. I looked around...he had a nice little pad. It was tastefully decorated and I noticed the giant 52 inch plasma on the wall...the boy had TASTE. We sat on the couch and he offered me a drink...we went through the usual 10 minutes of 'getting to know you' BS before we started the foreplay.

The man was TALENTED! Before I knew it my shirt was on the floor and he was caressing my back and kissing my neck. He had one hand against my back and his other against my thigh. I grabbed his waist and moved along his toned legs. I moved from his chest to his neck to his lips. He pulled my dick out and started sucking...and sucking...and sucking like a PRO. I went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! His head game was ON POINT! It was SOOOOOO good that I SPLASHED in his hottness.

He pulled his python out and started stroking as I nibbled on his ear...5 minutes later he was done.

SO I didn't fuck, but I should have! And I time...



  1. I have no comment...

    *goes to comment***

    Ok...So of course you were supposed to do the "good boy" thing but....

  2. Good boy!

    I would have done the same thing, lmao.

  3. anyone wouldve done the same, with a nigga looking like that!