Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joel (Part 1 of 2)

That’s how he felt as he looked out the window at the first snowfall of the season. The snow was light and free, a feeling he longed for. Lately he had been feeling lonely, and he can’t understand why. He has everything. He is one of the most successful photographers in the country, he owns condos in New York, Atlanta, and Miami, and he has enough money to buy whatever he wants. He lives a glamorous life of luxury and privilege, building an empire at the age of 25 and he spends his free time with his best friends, Chad and Marcus. Chad is a successful rapper and Marcus is a model.
His boyfriend grabbed him by the waist, interrupting his thoughts.
“I’m going to work”
He kissed him lightly on the lips before he grabbed his briefcase and walked out the door. He was an English professor at NYU and he was very busy with the end of the semester approaching. He was always tutoring students, or sponsoring some type of event. He was tired of eating dinner alone and falling asleep on the couch waiting for his lover to come home from work. There was no passion in their life...even the goodbye kiss felt dull and mundane.
He stared at the snowfall and looked at the beautiful city of New York in the background. It was definitely a magical place where any dream could come true. He decided to move there from his hometown of Dallas because he knew there were more opportunities for him as a photographer and he wanted to be successful.
He walked across the dark brown hardwood floors to his office. The walls were lined with pictures of the various models and celebrities he had shot over the last few years. These photos were the cause of many arguments between him and his boyfriend. His boyfriend never understood why he wanted to be a photographer, and he wasn’t very supportive. He was also jealous of many of the models and often accused him of cheating although he never touched any of his models sexually.
He sat in front of his 27inch iMac and logged into his Facebook account, greeted by 40 new messages and 67 friend requests. Usually he ignored all requests. He thought boys were stupid, and the only reason he had so many messages and requests was because of his shirtless profile picture. His body was banging and he didn’t mind showing it off to the world, since he worked so hard to achieve it. One particular request caught his attention. He was a cute Dominican named Joel Ortega. He had beautiful, exotic light brown eyes, thin lips, and a toned athletic body. He quickly accepted the friend request, then opened Photoshop to begin editing pictures from his last photo shoot. Joel sent him a message a few minutes later.
Thanks for the add sexy. I can’t wait to get to know you...

They began messaging each other back and forth, before Joel gave him his number and they began texting. Something about him made him smile, and he agreed to meet him for drinks later. Nothing wrong with a little friendship, right? They met at 4:00 at a bar down the street from his house. Joel was built like a model, 6’2 165 with a strong jawbone and his wardrobe was flawless. They were both shy at first, but they began to loosen up after the third drink. They started laughing and flirting. It was the first time he smiled in months but he didn’t want to send the wrong message. They were both in relationships and made it clear that they didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the future with their lovers.
“So am I gonna get a kiss?”
Joel’s question caught him off guard, but he had the sweetest puppy dog look in his eyes. It was type of look that you couldn’t say no to. The type of look that meant trouble. He followed him to his apartment a few blocks from the bar. His knew he was walking down a potentially harmful path, but he didn’t care. His dick was rock hard, and the outline of Joel’s bubble cakes wasn’t helping. He just asked for a kiss...nothing wrong with a friendly kiss on the cheek, right?
They arrived at Joel’s apartment a few minutes later. He called his boyfriend to see if he was ok, but there was no answer. Typical. He got angry as he slipped his iPhone in his pocket and followed Joel to the third floor. The apartment was small, but nicely decorated and comfortable.  He sat on the couch as Joel offered him a drink. He sat next to him and they started watching TV. Temptation finally got the best of him and he reached over and kissed Joel’s soft lips. He grabbed his waist and they kissed passionately until they were out of breath. They stumbled into the bedroom, taking off their clothes piece by piece until they were naked in Joel’s bed. Joel kissed his neck, then moved his tongue across his chest and abs until he found his rock hard 10 inch manhood. He teased it for a while before swallowing the entire thing in his mouth. He slurped and slobbered, enjoying the taste of the dick like it was his last meal. He noticed a fresh box of condoms on the dresser. Against his better judgement he walked over and pulled a gold wrapped Magnum out of the box.
“Wait...we can’t do this. Its wrong” Joel said as he laid back on the bed and pulled him closer. He unwrapped the condom and slid it over his throbbing erection. Moments later he was pounding Joel’s ass into ecstasy. The sound of the headboard banging against the wall was nothing compared to the moans and screams of passion coming from Joel.
“Damn that it baby”
“You like this nigga?”
He flipped Joel on his hands and knees and gripped his slim waist as he continued grunting pounding his cakes, the sound of skin against skin filling the room.
After they showered he checked his phone to see if his boyfriend returned his call, or sent a text message. He had two missed calls and several text message, but none from his boyfriend. Fuck it...he was over the situation as he laid in Joel’s bed contemplating his next move.

Love & Football: Chapter 3

*DISCLAIMER* The model depicted was chosen at random and in no way reflects the views of this blog or the stories posted herein

The time was finally here. Demarcus was in town for his game against the Saints and Corey had to make sure that everything was perfect. He got a fresh haircut and was cruising through the mall searching for the perfect outfit to wear to the Bears/Saints game because he wanted to look sexy for his boyfriend. He knew they wouldn’t be able to spend that much time together, but Demarcus got a room for him in the same hotel the team was staying in and he hoped he had a romantic evening planned for them that would be capped off with a mind blowing, nail biting lovemaking session. Corey’s mouth watered at the thought of his boyfriend pounding his brains out and taking control of his body.
He bought some black American Eagle boxer briefs, one of Demarcus’ turn ons. Then he went to Zara and picked out the perfect outfit: A black cut out hooded jacket with a gray and black striped t shirt, black jeans, and black Polo boots. When he finally arrived at his room in the Sheraton New Orleans on Canal Street a, he saw a note on the bed along with two tickets to the Sunday night game.
Can’t wait to see you baby
Love, Demarcus

He smiled. He couldn’t wait to see his baby later that night.
Meanwhile, Demarcus was preparing for the biggest game of his career. He needed to remain focused and couldn’t afford any distractions from Darius, Greg, or anyone else. He was excited about spending time with Corey, but first he had to prepare for the Saints defense, which is one of the best in the league. He had one day before the game and he sat in his hotel room reviewing plays after a brutal practice session. 
His phone rang...the caller ID said DARIUS
“Get dressed...we goin to a party”
“Nah...I’m chillin wit my baby tonight”
Demarcus just made a mistake. Nobody on the team knew about Corey and he intended to keep it that way.
“What you talkin about?”
Demarcus didn’t like Darius’ tone. He was too nosy and he wasn’t sure if he could trust him yet.
“Uhhh...nothin. I gotta go”
Demarcus hung up the phone and called Corey. He smiled when he heard his voice.
“You ready baby?”
“Ok...I’m on my way up”
He hung up the phone. Darius called him again, but he pressed ignore as he walked out of his room and headed toward the elevator.
Upstairs, in room 1403, Corey was waiting for Demarcus wearing black boxer briefts and a wife beater. He made sure everything in the room was clean and straight. His body was smooth and shaven, he had a fresh haircut, and he was wearing Chanel cologne.
Meanwhile, Darius followed Demarcus as he walked down the hall to the elevator.
“Tha fuck you doin?” he asked
“Don’t worry about it...mind ya business”
“ goin to see yo baby?”
“Fuck you...stay outta this!”
Demarcus brushed him off and stepped inside the elevator. The doors opened on the 14th floor and he walked down the hall to Corey’s room. He slid the key in the door and opened it as it clicked. His dick got rock hard when he saw him laying in the bed in those tight black boxer briefs that showed off his beautiful, muscle toned ass.
“Damn baby...I’m bout to rip those off of you”
Corey smiled
“Is that right?”
“Oh you playin!”
Demarcus felt something wasn’t right as he looked around the room, but he couldn’t grasp what it was. He walked around the room, inspecting the bathroom, mini bar, bed, and trash can.
“What’s wrong bae”
“Nothing...just making sure everything is right for you”
He smiled and took of his shirt
“Im bout to fuck da shit outta you”
“Oh really?”
Demarcus grabbed Corey’s waist and kissed him on the neck. Their bodies were in sync as they slid out of their clothes and moved to the bed. They kissed and caressed each other, getting hotter with each passionate movement. Demarcus flipped Corey onto his stomach and teased his ass with his hard dick.
“You ready for this?”
“Mmm...yea daddy” he whispered as Demarcus nibbled on his ear
He kissed his neck and moved his tongue down his spine and kissed his waist, then fingered and licked his cakes until he was wet and loose. He pulled a Magnum and a bottle of WET Platinum from the drawer, lubed up, and slipped the head in. Corey flinched, and then relaxed and let Demarcus take control.
“Damn tight”
He kissed him passionately as he slowly put the rest of his manhood into his tight hole. He started grinding slowly, so Corey could get used to the feeling. Corey started moaning and grinding against him as the pain turned into beautiful pleasure.
“Damn daddy”
He started stroking faster and faster. He got agressive, smacking his ass and grabbing his neck. The bed was shaking and Corey started moaning louder and louder as his lover grunted and sweated behind him. .
“Yea nigga...u like this dick?”
Corey couldn’t say say anything, he just bit his lip and moaned as his boyfriend pounded him from behind. He grabbed his waist and his body began tingling as they both climaxed. Demarcus held him in his arms and they stared into each others eyes, not wanting the moment to end.
“I love you”
“I love you too”
They fell asleep in each others arms and Demarcus left early the next morning. There was a knock on his door about an hour later. Corey put on a pair of grey basketball shorts and answered the door. It was Demarcus’ teammate Darius.
“You good?”
Corey smiled
“Yeah, I’m good”
“Does ya boi know anything?’
“Good...keep it that way”
Darius kissed him and handed him $1000 and left.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love & Football: Chapter 2

*DISCLAIMER* The model depicted was chosen at random and in no way reflects the views of this blog or the stories posted herein

Damn daddy...get it...get it...get it. Ahhhhhhh I’m bout to.......


Corey’s alarm sounded and he woke up sweating. The sweat glistened against his toned body. He lifted the red, silk sheets and sat on his full sized bed. He looked at the erection that had formed inside his tight, black American Eagle boxer briefs. He wished Demarcus was there to lay him on the bed and drive his massive, eleven inch dick into him until he couldn’t take it anymore. His phone rang and he smiled when he heard Demarcus’ deep, sexy voice in his ear.
Morning bae
Morning D. When you comin down here? I need you to lay that pipe!!!
Demarcus laughed. I’ll be in New Orleans next weekend when we play the Saints. Yall got a home game, right?
Ite...I’m gonna try to watch you play. I aint as good as me but its cool.
Didn’t I break your receiving record? Oh ok...thought so!
Whateva nigga...gimme a kiss and get ready for practice!
Meanwhile, Demarcus was engaged in an early morning practice session with the Chicago Bears.  The team just suffered its first loss of the season, and he was extra aggressive on the field. He was playing with the utmost skill and drive, showing the other players and coaches why he was one of the leading receivers in the league. 
After practice, Demarcus walked into the locker room, stripped, and hit the showers. His muscles were sore, and he needed a steaming hot shower to relax and unwind. He turned the water to its hottest level and stood under the sprayer. He bit his lip and allowed the piping hot water to massage his body. He closed his eyes and imagined his boyfriend on his knees in front of him, massaging his dick with his tongue. The laughter of Darius and the other players entering the showers interrupted his fantasy
Aye nigga...what you doin?
What it look like?
His dick went limp, and he turned off the water, dried his body, and put on his underwear .
Darius followed him from the shower to the locker room. 
We goin to a party tonight. You comin?
Yeah...I guess.
Aww whatever. You always say that...
Nah for real this time. I’m coming.
Darius was always trying to get him to hang out with him, but he always declined. There was something about Darius that he didn’t trust, although he couldn’t quite figure out what it was. He always had a sly look on his face, like he had a trick up his sleeve. Demarcus didn’t have time for drama, so he kept people like Darius as far away as possible. Right now he was missing his boyfriend, and he needed something to distract him, so he decided to take Darius up on his offer.
Later that night, he sat in his massive walk-in closet, wearing nothing but a pair of fitted red boxer briefs, trying to figure out what to wear. He had a wide assortment of shoes, shirts, and jeans to choose from and his closet was color coordinated with apparel in every color of the rainbow. He decided to keep it simple. He pulled out a pair of grey True Religion jeans, a white v-neck Polo T-Shirt, and his grey Polo sneakers. 
He sat on the bed, and thought about canceling. He really didn’t feel like being bothered with anyone tonight. He heard a knock at the door as he was picking up his cell phone to call Darius. He put on his jeans, walked out of his bedroom and through the living room and looked through the peephole. 
Open up nigga

Darius was standing outside, waiting to be let in. He was wearing a black New York Yankees hat, a white V-Neck, black jeans, and a pair of black & white Jordans.  
You early...
Nah just late. Put on a shirt...don’t nobody wanna see that bird chest you got. 

He playfully punched him in his chest as he followed him to the living room.
Ya mama like it...he laughed. You want a drink?
Yea...fix me something strong.
Darius sat on the couch and Demarcus walked into the kitchen, took a glass out of the cabinet, dropped 4 ice cubes into it, then poured a mixture of Coca-Cola and Crown Royal. He handed Darius the drink and sat next to him. He looked at him while he sipped his drink. Darius was very handsome, and his playful personality made him even more attractive. 
Damn...this is strong!
You said that’s what you wanted! Where we goin tonight?
You’ll see...
He drank the rest of his drink as Demarcus finished getting dressed. Thirty minutes later, they were cruising the streets of Chicago in Demarcus’ black Range Rover. Darius was sitting in the passengers seat bobbing his head to the beat of Drake & Lil Wayne’s Right Above It. The night was chilly and the city was bustling with activity. 
Where we goin?
Make a left at the next light. And then a right at the stop sign.
Demarcus followed Darius’ directions and they ended up at a brownstone with several cars parked along the street. He found the first available parking space and parallel parked his massive vehicle between an BMW X5 and a Mercedes S550. 
What’s this? I thought we were going to a club. me. You gonna like this.
They got out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to the house. There was a man standing at the door, guarding the party from crashers and other uninvited guests. He was about 6’1, 280 lbs, and looked like Rick Ross.
You on the list?
Darius answered. name is Terrance and this is my boy D.
Demarcus gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he lied about his name. Something definitely wasn’t right, but the man checked his list and nodded for them to come inside.
Darius...what’s this? Why did you...
He didn’t let him finish..
Just’ll see.
They walked into a room filled with young, attractive men...all aged from 18-23. They were all slim built, some yellabone and some dark skinned. Demarcus locked eyes with a cutie that looked a lot like Corey. He had a sweet, innocent smile, slim waist, and a nice round set of cakes. 
D what the fuck is this? Why did you bring me here?
It’s cool Marcus...chill. A lotta guys from the team come here. We gotta do what we gotta do.
Fuck you mean? I aint down for this shit.
You aint gotta play me. I been peepin you since day one. I know you fuck around.
This wasn’t the time or the place to argue with Darius so he figured he would deal with the situation later. They walked down a narrow hallway into a large room filled with more people. There was a 50 inch television on the wall and a group of guys were watching a porno featuring a cute yella bottom getting his brains knocked out by a dark skinned tatted up dread head. They made their way to the kitchen where two shirtless bartenders were preparing drinks for the guests. Demarcus decided to relax and ordered a Bud Light Lime, while Darius ordered a Martini.
Just relax...have a little fun. 
Darius disappeared into the crowd and left him standing there alone. He decided to walk up to the cutie from earlier, who had made his way into the living room, and introduce himself. He recalled Darius giving the bouncer a fake name, so he decided to use one as well.
Sup...I’m uhh Kevin.
Nice to meet you...I’m Greg.
They shook hands and struck up a conversation. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting, right?
So where u from?
New Orleans...u?
I’m from NYC. You look familiar though...
Demarcus got nervous. Did he recognize him from the football team? He couldn’t stay there any longer. He didn’t want to risk his true identity being revealed. He started looking for Darius, and found him in a corner getting head from some thirsty boy that had already sucked up half of the guests in the house.
Greg snuck up behind him.
Did I scare you? Its cool...I won’t tell anyone. I know who you REALLY are, Mr. Smith, and your secret is safe. Follow me...
Demarcus was still nervous, but he was also curious and he wanted to see what Greg had in store for him. More importantly, he wanted to know why Darius brought him there in the first place. Was it a set up? Was he being watched? Or was everything legit like he said it was? So many thoughts were running through his mind as he followed Greg down the hallway. He looked at his slim, form fitting jeans and licked his lips at the thought of how perfectly they fit his body. He moved a little closer and put his right hand on his ass as he followed him upstairs to one of the bedrooms. He sat on the bed as Greg closed the door and took off his shirt, revealing a slim & toned body with a pierced belly button, barbed wire tattoo around his waist, and a G with a Crown tattooed on the left side of his chest.
You like what you see?
He sat on his lap and started moving his tongue in circles on his neck and his ear.
You like this Daddy?
Greg whispered in his ear as he reached for his dick. He was semi hard at this point, but his conscience was getting the best of him. He didn’t want to hurt his boyfriend, and he knew this was wrong.
I can’t do this...
You know you want it.
Greg got on his knees and reached for Demarcus’ zipper. Demarcus tried to push his hand away, but his dick was getting harder. Greg stood up and lifted the white v-neck tshirt above Demarcus’ head and tossed it to the side. Demarcus gave in to temptation, unzipped his pants and Greg went down and started teasing the head with his tongue. He moved his lips from the head to his balls, then back to the head. He bobbed his head up and down, slurping on his dick like it was a lollipop. Demarcus tried to resist at first, but eventually gave in to the warm, wet pleasure of Greg’s skilled lips. He licked his balls and stroked his dick before putting it back in his mouth and deepthroating like a true porn star. He had amazing skills, obviously from years of practice. Demarcus laid back on the bed and cradled Greg’s head with his right hand. He moaned in ecstasy as Greg continued to slurp and gag.
Damn that shit. Suck this dick.
Demarcus closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip, enjoying the pleasure he was receiving from Greg’s gifted tongue. His left leg started shaking and he gripped the back of Greg’s head.
Ohhhh shit I’m bout to nut...
Demarcus started stroking his dick and nutted on Greg’s lips. He licked it up, savoring the sweetness.
Greg gave him a devilish grin as they cleaned up and exchanged numbers. He walked through the hallway until he found Darius talking to a group of guys outside. 
You ready?
Yea...let’s go.

Demarcus still felt something wasn’t right as they walked quietly to his Range Rover.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love & Football: Chapter 1

*DISCLAIMER* The model depicted was chosen at random and in no way reflects the views of this blog or the stories posted herein


I can’t take this anymore...I’m done!! Corey Johnson burst into tears as he hung up with his boyfriend and threw his brand new Iphone across the room. He buried  his head in his hands and cried. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He had been with his boyfriend for three years and it was all coming to an end. They met at LSU’s football training camp when he was a freshman and his boyfriend was a senior. His phone rang. He knew it was his boyfriend because the ringtone was MADE TO BE TOGETHER by Trey Songz. He picked the phone up from the floor and pressed IGNORE. He didn’t want to be bothered right now. The phone rang again...and again...and again. Finally he just turned it off and laid on the bed. What would he do? How would he survive without the love of his life?
He looked down at the black screen on his phone. Should he call his boyfriend and talk to him about the situation? Honestly he was tired of talking. He was tired of listening to the same excuses over and over and over again. Demarcus was currently playing for the Chicago Bears, and the long distance relationship was taking its toll on both of them. They weren’t able to see each other very often and relied on texting, talking on the phone, and Skyping each other to get by.
He was still debating whether he should call his boyfriend or not when he heard a ringing sound coming from his computer. Demarcus was calling him on Skype. He walked to the computer, connected his webcam, and clicked ANSWER. His heart nearly melted when he saw his shirtless boyfriend on the computer screen with his butterscotch skin, bulging chest and rippled abs. Demarcus smiled and said ‘I’m sorry bae’.
Corey smiled. He loved when Demarcus called him BAE. It made him feel special. And he couldn’t resist the smile. Demarcus had a bright and beautiful smile that always seemed to get him out of trouble, no matter the situation. He wanted to be in his arms. He didn’t know how much longer he could continue dating someone in another city, but none of that mattered as he stared into his eyes on the computer screen.
I love you
I love you too
Why are we fighting?
I don’t know...
And he really didn’t. Maybe it was the lack of sex. Or lack of attention. Even though their relationship was a secret on campus for obvious reasons, Demarcus still made Corey feel special and treated him like a prince.
Corey pouted and folded his arms. He knew Demarcus loved him.
I wanna see you...
I wanna see you too...but its hard. I gotta game this weekend and you gotta focus on school.
I know...this is hard.
I know bae but we gotta make it work.
Its ok...gimme a kiss.
Corey blew his boyfriend a kiss and they ended the call. Demarcus always knew what to say to make him feel better. He stared at the picture of his boyfriend next to his computer. He was 6’1, 190 lbs with dreads hanging to his shoulders. Corey always had a thing for dreads. He laid back on the bed and reminisced about the good days of the past when they first met. They would chill in Demarcus’ room after practice and play video games or listen to music. And the sex was PHENOMENAL. Demarcus had 10 inches of manhood and was a certified pro that could make him climax without touching himself. 
He missed it. It had been three months since they last had sex, and he needed it BADLY.
Meanwhile, sitting in his Chicago loft, Demarcus was also missing Corey. He missed his soft, caramel skin. He missed his sweet lips and his innocent smile. Most of all, he missed holding him at night. He got up from the couch and looked though his window at the Chicago skyline. He had never felt anything like this before. Corey was his first boyfriend, and it took him awhile to accept the fact that he liked guys. He still didn’t call himself gay because he didn’t like the word or the negativity that was associated with it. They met on the football team at LSU, got drunk at a party one night, one thing led to another, and that was that. He continued dating women on campus to keep his reputation as a macho ladies man in tact, but he was spending more and more time with Corey. They managed to keep their relationship a secret.
Lately he was finding it difficult to remain faithful. They had somewhat of an open relationship at LSU. Demarcus was allowed to sleep with women, and Corey was allowed to sleep with other bottoms, since he was versatile and Demarcus is a strict top. It worked in college, but it had been three months since his last orgasm and Demarcus needed to feel his dick inside something warm and wet.
He looked at his fully erect eleven inch dick and imagined Corey’s skillful lips wrapped around it. Corey liked to tease him, but Demarcus always took control in the end. He imagined himself tearing his ass up doggystyle on the couch before taking things to the bedroom and hitting it missionary style with his tongue deep in his throat. His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his phone. It was his teammate, Darius Jones, trying to get him to come to some party.
Nah...I think  I’m just gonna chill tonight.
Damn D, you NEVER come out of the house.
Hahaha...yes I do nigga. But I’m tired. I’ll hit you up tomorrow though.
Yeah whatever...
He hung up the phone and that was it. Darius was cute...about 5’10, 185 lbs of full muscle, and smooth yellow skin. He started to imagine Corey and Darius taking turns bouncing on his dick. He thought about kissing Corey while Darius wrapped his lips around his pipe and served him right. He bit his lip and imagined the tight boi pussy that he was missing at LSU. He needed Corey ASAP. He was trying to resist the temptation, but he told Corey he would be faithful to him in Chicago and he didn’t want to let him down. He didn’t know how much more could take. He continued thinking about his boyfriend on the bed taking his eleven inch dick as he stroked his manhood trying to reach the ultimate level of pleasure. He licked his lips and imagined Corey’s legs in the air with him thrusting his hips. He imagined the moans and groans of pleasure coming from his boyfriends mouth as he drove his dick deeper and deeper into his tight, wet, pink ass.
The thought of his boyfriends sweet treasure excited him and he reached his climax. He was trying to be faithful, but he knew it would be difficult. He hoped and prayed he wouldn’t give in to the various temptations that were constantly surrounding him. Only time would tell if he could continue to be faithful to the man he loved, or fall victim to his one weakness.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eddie Long pt 2

I really don't wanna waste too much time on this...but this is what Ms. Long had to say about himself:

I am not a perfect man . . . but I’m not the man being portrayed on television.
By the counsel of my lawyers, they told me to not try this case in the media . . . It will be tried in the court of law.”
I have been accused . . . I’m under attack. I want you to know that I’m not a perfect man . . . but this thing, I’m gonna fight.


I don't even know where to begin. I don't care about the fact that he fucked teenage boys and gave them money. He's a hypocrite. Plain and simple. A dirty ass dick-in-the-booty hypocrite. But I think I can write a decent story out of this...stay tuned.

Friday, September 24, 2010



This man is a FUCKIN hypocrite. Then again, all southern black preachers preach against homosexuality and condemn it as the worlds biggest and most unforgivable sin. And the members of their congregations harbor the same homophobic feelings without realizing that the leader of their flock is taking dick in the ass on a regular basis.

Exhibit A
"Pastor J"

Pastor J has preached numerous homophobic sermons, striking down homosexuality and damning all homosexuals to hell. But we ALL know that he was a regular in the gay clubs not too long ago before he FOUND the Lord and became a preacher. Don't get me wrong, he's a great preacher and all, but don't go calling the kettle black...or whatever the saying is.

I don't care about the fact that Eddie Long was getting dicked down by little 15 year old boys. My issue is his stance on gay marriage and homosexuality in general. But God is watching...he knows what's going on, and he's the only one that should judge this dirty old man.

But what message is this sending to our young punks? Will they begin seducing pastors in order to achieve money, status, and other perks? Then again I guess thats better than fucking for free and catching a disease which is what the punks are doing now.

And why did it take these little boys so long to come forward. There's a major missing piece of the puzzle. And supposedly one of them has a child...but that's a story for another day.

Too bad this is a civil trial instead of a criminal trial. He needs to go to jail and see what REALLY goes down in there...don't drop the soap rev.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Epiphany

A LONG time ago, I came to the conclusion that a regular 9-5 is NOT for me. I have nothing against working, after all a nigga gotta eat, right? BUT I have a problem with slaving my ass off for a corporation and getting nothing in return.

But that's the American way. We are taught to get good grades in school, attend college, intern for a major company, and then turn into that company's bitch for 30 years until we retire and wait patiently for our social security check.

FUCK that! That's definitely NOT for me. But I can feel some major changes happening. Yup...shits about to go DOWN! Hopefully you will be around for the ride...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Hate This Damn Place...

Houston, Texas.  I have the unfortunate pleasure of calling this mosquito infested hell pit home. I hate this place and everyone here. I tried to give it a chance...I really really did. But I can't. I came up with a list of 10 reasons:

1. Its too hot
2. Too much damn traffic
3. Everyone is racist (Whites don't like blacks, blacks don't like Latinos, Latinos don't like anybody, and EVERYBODY hates the gays)
4. Its too damn big
5. Aint shit to do here
6-10: Repeat 1-5

Hmph...I already started my countdown. I'm gettin tha fuck outta here...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Not only am I a world famous writer (ok, maybe not WORLD FAMOUS, but a nigga can dream, right?) I’m also a photographer. didn’t know that? Well you do now! (Plug:
Being a photographer means that I get to work with some very sexy (and some not so sexy) people. I worked with one model in particular named Robert. He was a hot and fresh 18 year old yellabone, bout 5’9 with an incredible body and a nice, round, supple (yes I said supple) ass. 
Now, I usually don’t sleep with my models because its tacky and unprofessional. Of course everyone knows that in the real world (places like New York and Los Angeles, photographers sleep with models all the time. But I like to be different. I like to elevate myself above others, instead of being a tacky photo whore (no offense to any tacky photo whores that may be reading this #idontjudge).
I met Robert online and he told me that he was an aspiring model. I agreed to meet with him one day after work to discuss our concept for the shoot, what he should wear, what he should bring, and all that good stuff... 
He showed up wearing a black V-neck and pair of grey skinny jeans. My initial reaction was DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNN I wanna hit that...
But like I said, I would prefer to be a professional and classy photographer, instead of a tacky, dirty, classless hoe. So we discussed the concept for the shoot:
Me: So what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Him: I want to be a model, like Tyson Beckford.
Me: Tyson? He’s old. But he paved the way for young models like yourself...have you ever seen Model City?
Him: Yeah...I think Zeric is sooooo hot.
Me: He’s ight...Wendell is the sexy one. But uhhmmm I think you can make it, but you’re definitely in the WRONG place
We talked for about thirty minutes and came up with a concept and date for the shoot. I left the meeting with a hard dick and a guilty conscience (although I hadn’t done anything wrong...yet)
About two weeks later, we met up in Midtown for the shoot. I was shocked and surprised...not by the fact that he bothered to show up and pay me for the shoot, but I was more surprised by the fact that this raggedy, country, podunk ass town HAS a Midtown district. Midtown is usually found in upscale places such as Chicago, New York, and (dare I say it) Atlanta. 
Like most models I’ve worked with, he was shy at first. But I’m a charming and witty person, and I was able to break him out of his shell. He told me that he wanted to be a model/actor, and Trey Songz was his inspiration. I told him to run wild with that. We shot for about an hour, before we both got hot and decided to call it a day. We were starting to sweat, which is definitely NOT a good look for anybody thats trying to become a model OR a serious photographer. I gathered my equipment and prepared to go home.
Him: When will I be able to see the pictures
Me: It usually takes me a few days to edit...I’ll let you know when they are ready
Him: Can I watch you edit them?
Normally I would say NO. I don’t like people in my SPACE when I’m tryna be creative. It interrupts the process. But he was sexy, so, against my better judgement, I made an exception.
Me: can follow me to my studio...
So we got in our vehicles and he followed me to my WORKPLACE, a few short miles away. When we got inside he was amazed by all of the images of the other models I had worked with. I asked him if he wanted anything to eat or drink (its called Southern hospitality) before inviting him to have a seat next to me as I uploaded his photos. We went through his film and he picked the ones that he wanted me to edit. As I began the process, he started asking questions. That was fine, at first, but then it started to get annoying.
We sat in darkness, illuminated only by the glow from the computer. I looked over at him and he appeared to be entertained by watching me. As I continued to edit, I noticed that he was inching closer and closer to me until we were nearly touching. I placed my hand on his thigh. He looked at me and I knew it was GAME TIME! The idea of me being a different, classy photographer was gone at that moment. I was horny and I was turning in to a beast.
He took his shirt off to reveal a beautiful 8-pack, perfect V-line, and a pair of sexy pecs. I helped him unbutton his pants. He was wearing a pair of tight black boxer briefs. I took off my shirt and unzipped my pants. I was already rock hard, anticipating what was about to go down. He started teasing my dick with his tongue, turning me on even more. Suddenly he swallowed the entire thing like a pro. A TRUE pro. I reached into my drawer and grabbed the necessary items for our session (condoms + lube). I lubed him up and he sat on the dick and rode it until we both climaxed.
About thirty minutes later we went another round. I bent him over on the couch, across from my desk, and pounded. His ass was nice and tight...almost virgin tight, and the second nut was even better than the first one.
We cleaned up and he left as I continued editing his photos. 
I tried to behave that night. I really really REALLY did. I don’t know what happened, honestly. I’m usually not a tacky classless photo whore. I guess my hormones got the best of me :)