Sunday, October 4, 2009

I LOVE Football (Players)

As I'm watching ESPN and fantasizing about the football players that flash across my screen, a thought pops into my head:

What is our obsession with football players?

I LOVE football players, and so do many of my friends. But why? What do football players have that other people don't? What qualities do football players possess that other athletes lack? Don't get me wrong, I love basketball and baseball players, but there's something about an NFL wide receiver that makes me wanna ............... well you get the picture. Personally, there's something about the way a football player carries himself. He has a certain 'cockiness' about him that's hella SEXY. What do YOU think???

Champ Bailey-Denver Broncos

Matt Forte'-Chicago Bears

Andre Johnson-Houston Texans

 Reggie Bush-New Orleans Saints

Reggie Bush is DEFINITELY my favorite...I mean LOOK at him!? And he has skills on the field as well...


  1. LOL...everybody makes mistakes.

  2. i was fanning myself at these players but when i got to that damn reggie...i fainted!!

  3. Yesss...Reggie is chocolate GOD lol

  4. I have a weakness for them as well....followed by basketball players.