Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joel (Part 2)

This nigga must think I’m stupid...or blind. Or both...
I had been fuckin around with Joel for about three months, but I still had a boyfriend. I like to have my cake and eat it too. Besides, my boyfriend didn’t give a fuck about me, so I did as I pleased. Fuck his feelings. Joel and I kinda had a special relationship. He even told me he loved me a few times. I didn’t believe that shit though. Niggas lie.
I ignored the used condom on his windowsill. And I ignored the bottle of lube that kept getting lower and lower (I always brought my own lube to his crib). I knew he was fucking around with other dudes, but I didn’t care. After all, we weren’t OFFICIALLY together. I was just tagging that ass whenever I had a free moment. 
He didn’t have to lie about it though.
“Who you fuckin?” I asked one night after I finished pounding his ass into the wall
“Nobody bae...just you”
I gave him my ‘Nigga you full of shit’ look.
Then he said: “Really bae. You know I love you”
I raised my eyebrow
“Nigga really?”
“Really. You my heart”
I started to give him the ‘bitch-boo-bye’ routine and go home. We already fucked (twice) so why was I still there? I mean, his ass was good but it wasn’t THAT damn good. It was good enough to pay his (Cricket) cell phone bill, but not his car note. Or his insurance for that matter. I decided to take a deep breath and not press the issue. Fuck him...he wasn’t worth me getting my pressure all up. You know high blood pressure runs rampant among black folk, and I’m much too young to be sitting in somebody’s hospital bed with tubes and IVs and shit running through my body. Too cute for that...
So I grabbed his laptop, intending to kill some time before going home. He got mad.
“What you doin?” he asked, with a little attitude.
I started to pop his ass, but I realized that it wasn’t my house, nor was it my computer, so I really had NO room to get upset and beat his ass.
“Jus checkin my Facebook. Is that cool with you?”
“Hell naw”
He reached over and tried to take the computer away from me but I pulled it out of his reach.
“You hiding something?”
He got mad and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the laptop and BAM. His BGC page was right there in front of me. He had 20 messages. Not only was he a hoe, but he was a dumb hoe. A smart hoe woulda had that computer LOCKED. I sat there and tried to figure out how to play this situation. I had three options:
Option 1: Play it cool. I already fucked him several times over the last few months and he was calling/texting me multiple times each day begging for the dick.
Option 2: Beat his ass for trying to play me like an X-Box
Option 3: Invite one of his BGC buddies over for a lil wham bam
I decided to pick option 3. I replied to a message from PAPITHUG347 (lame cliche ass name). We did the usual back and forth shit until we finally got to the nitty gritty. PAPI agreed to come over in an hour. Joel came out of the bathroom as I was putting his laptop away.

“Damn...what took you so long?”
“I was getting ready for YOU”
“Nigga please...”
45 minutes later I started getting nervous. What if dude didn’t show up? Or what if he texted Joel? I didn’t even know what I was gonna do when the dude got there. 3 Some? Fight? I would figure it out when the time came. A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts.

“You expectin company?” I asked with a slick grin on my face
He rolled his eyes and answered the door. His jaw damn near hit the floor when he saw PAPI. I couldn’t help but laugh...the shit was funny. He quickly shut the door in his face and ran back to me.
“You ight?” I asked.
“Yea...I’m good”
He was  nervous as hell so I decided to answer the door and let the man in, because its hella rude to leave people standing at your front door. PAPI was actually sexier in person. He was 6’1 with a bangin body, nice ass, and all the shit that gays go for. I explained the situation to him. Turns out Joel was feeding PAPI the same ‘I love you I can’t wait to be with you’ shit he was giving me. Our first instinct was to beat his ass, but we decided to be a little more civil about the situation, so we left and went back to his place and had our own little revenge fuck session. Niggas aint nothin but hoes...