Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Times on I-45

So I'm drivin down the FREEWAY on my way to work and I see a BLACK CHARGER coming up behind me. I always like to see who's in the DRIVERS SEAT...don't ask me why. I guess I'm weird like that. Anywhoo...on this particular occasion there was a sexy dread headed caramel skinned piece of fineness in the drivers seat. As I let him pass me I decided to play a little game. I sped up and got back in front of him. I made eye contact with him through my rearview mirror, then sped down the freeway. He drove faster, pulled up next to me, and rolled his window down.

Mind you we're driving 75 mph down I-45...it's probably not safe to be flirting on the freeway. I looked over and gave him a "Damn baby you can get it" look as I made my way to the next exit. He followed me down a side street and into a vacant parking lot. We parked next to each other and rolled down our windows.

"So what's good?" he asked


"O yeah?"

"Hell yeah"

He flashed an angelic smile and licked his lips...that was all she wrote! I was already undressing him with my eyes and I could tell that he was doing the same thing. I imagined him to be about 5'9, 180, with an athletic body and a juicy bubble booty. DAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN!!!

So he gave me his phone and told me to store my number...and I did. We shook hands and went our separate ways. About three hours later I got a text.


Hehehe...and you won't BELIEVE what happened next...


  1. BITCH!!! 1st of all, THANK GAWD somebody else besides me goes 75+ on I-45 in this damn town. I swear it's the slowest driving em effahs on that freeway. 2nd of all, DAAAAAAAAAAYYUUUUUMM!!! The way you described this dude. And lastly...STOP WITH THE FRICKIN' CLIFF-HANGERS!!!

  2. Yeah...it's not a long story though