Monday, October 26, 2009


So I have a degree in FINANCE from PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY. Finance is NOT an easy subject. It is one of the most painful disciplines to takes a giant set of BALLS to make it through the finance curriculum. And it takes a certain PASSION.

So why did I pick this difficult major?

Because I wanna make MONEY! Funny thing: I have no desire to enter the world of CORPORATE AMERICA. I don't wanna spend the next 30 years as someone else BITCH, because let's face it, when you work for a company you become that company's BITCH. And that's not what I wanna be.

I wanna work for MYSELF. I wanna own my own company...and I plan to do that very soon. But if that's the case, then YTF did I spend the last four years at this university? Makes my degree seem pointless...well not pointless, but you get the drift.

And then I realized that a lot of people have degrees that they don't USE. Example: My BF studied African-American history and now he's a teacher. OK, I guess that KINDA makes sense. But again, you get the point. But I'm just VENTING...


  1. I totally understand..i kNOW 5 folks working at walmart as cashiers and stockers and have lovely ass fuckin degrees but do not want to use them.

  2. I know 10 people working at Wal Mart (One of my cousins) who have NICE degrees and are cashiers!!!!! UGH! It makes you be like "WHYYYYY>????"

  3. It seems pointless to spend four or more years and tens of thousands of dollars at a university studying and earning a degree in a field for nothing. That's basically wasting your time and money. College is a place to discover yourself and what you want to do in life. I hate when people get degrees and don't put them to use. Another #PetPeeve. Steven, you could have gone into Marketing or Business if you wanted to own your own business. I'm looking forward to seeing you start your company, bro. Let nothing stop you. I'm studying Biology/Premedicine, so I kinda got you beat as far as the non-easy curriculum, Steven. LOL