Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Facebook Generation

My BF is hella OLD. Ok he's not THAT old, but he's older than me and he can remember a time when sites like Facebook didn't exist. (So can I, before you try to DO him). He can also remember a time before cell phones, texting, sexting, picture mail, AIM, YIM, Twitter, and Myspace. Social interactions have changed within the last 5-10 years. Hell they have changed DRASTICALLY in the last year since TWITTER has become so popular. In the days before cell phones were as hot as they are today, you had to call someones house phone (I know what you're thinking...WTF is a HOUSE PHONE?) in order to talk to them. Imagine being a guy calling your BF's house phone and his mother answers? What do you do then?

It was definitely difficult to be homo before the days of social networking. I honestly don't think I could have done it because it would have been harder to meet dudes. In the days of Facebook/Myspace you can clock somebody by simply looking at their pictures but it wasn't that easy back in the day. Yes, I can honestly say that Facebook made me the way I am hehehe...

Social networking has also taking hoeing to a new level. You can request someone as a friend at 8am (who the fuck gets up that early)...they accept at send each other messages from get his number at 12...and you're at his house for a lunch time smashfest at 1pm, then it's 'on to the next one' as Jay-Z would say. And I won't even discuss sites like BGC and A4A because...well you already know.

Now there isn't anything wrong with Social Networking. Each generation is DEFINED by one thing or another, and we are the Facebook generation. I'm a little worried about the next generation though...Those born in the mid to late 90s will be the first generation to experience life with full technology (laptops, cell phones, etc.). Be VERY afraid....MUAH!!!!!


  1. Im scared for them....what could they come up with next.

    I laughed right through here. Omg.

  2. I was tryin 2 put my ma up on social networking. she's a lost

  3. yes social networking has taken the world to a new level