Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love & Football: Chapter 5

Demarcus sat in the hospital room as his boyfriend laid next to him, recovering from the injuries he sustained during their fight. He always had a feeling that Darius and Corey were messing around, and he snapped when he finally caught them in the act. Corey ended up with two cracked ribs and a black eye. Darius kept calling him, trying to explain the situation, but he didn’t wanna hear anything that he had to say. He had been betrayed, and he was angry. He wanted revenge. He was usually calm and laid back, but this situation brought out the ugliest anger and made him react in a dangerous way. He looked at his boyfriends near lifeless face. His eyes were closed and his hands were cold. How could he be so violent? His boyfriend betrayed him, but he didn’t deserve to be beaten. What would happen if he called the police? What would happen to his NFL career?
Meanwhile, Darius was sitting in his hotel room trying to reach Demarcus. He called several times and sent dozens of text messages, all with no response. He was sorry for fucking around with Corey, but Demarcus had no right to be mad since he was doing his own thing. He tried calling again, and suprisingly got an answer.
Yo...we need to talk
Nigga we aint got shit to talk about. You fucked my dude...point blank period.
It aint even like that...lets meet up somewhere.
They met at a bar down the street from the hotel.
What you gotta say?
I’m sorry...
You sorry? Fuck you...
They tried to talk about the situation, but after they each guzzled five Coronas, they ended up half naked in Darius’ hotel room. Demarcus tried to behave, but he couldn’t resist Darius in his black and yellow American Eagle boxer briefs with his toned body and juicy ass. He licked his lips as he leaned in and kissed him. He could taste the sweetness of his breath and smell the Givenchy on his body. He knew his actions were wrong, but he didn’t care. He wanted revenge. He wanted Corey to feel the pain that he was feeling, and he wanted to punish Darius for fucking around with Corey.
Darius looked at Demarcus as he sucked on his nipple and worked his tongue down his stomach.  He always had a crush on him but was jealous of the relationship that he had with Corey. He continued working his tongue down Demarcus’ navel until he reached his manhood. He was already leaking with precum as he teased the head with his tongue.
Damn nigga
You like that shit?
Hell yea
Darius took the dick in his mouth and bobbed his head as he slurped with pleasure. Demarcus moaned and enjoyed the sound of Darius slurping and slopping on his manhood. He looked down and grabbed the back of his head, pushing his dick further down his throat.
Damn baby...
Demarcus pulled out of his mouth and jacked off until he released his warm reward on Darius’ face. He gave him a smirk as he grabbed a towel and cleaned up. He tossed the towel to Darius and began putting on his clothes. He planned on fucking his brains out, but decided that nutting in his face was enough revenge, for now. He thought about the future and his relationship with Corey. He decided to put this situation in the past and try to work things out. He loved Corey and would do everything he could to make the relationship work.
Corey healed a few weeks later and things were slightly returning to normal. Demarcus & Darius finished their unfinished business, and as far as Corey was concerned they were even.