Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010

So its a new year!

We made it through 2009...

I'm sure many of you have made countless resolutions and you will probably break them by Valentine's Day. OK maybe that wasn't nice...I have faith in you guys!

What are my resolutions?

I don't have any!

But I have a few goals for 2010 (there's a difference!)...
1. I want my body to look like this:

2. I want to get  my photography published
3. And uhh...maybe I'll become a stripper

So here's to a safe and prosperous new decade.


  1. LOL...with a body like that..I'll give you your first dollar...

    all the best to you though...

  2. Forget the 1st dollar. I'll give you 20 50's.

    Nah, good luck on your goals. Don't say you "want". Instead, say you "WILL".

    By the way, I love that banner.