Thursday, January 7, 2010


This might sound a little racist:

So I was having a conversation with my cousin about BOYS.


He doesn't like dark boys...or DARKIES as he calls them. (he's dark/caramel)

I PREFER caramel skinned dudes myself...or lite brites. (i'm hi yella, and the exception to the rule)

Why do lite brites prefer to date darker people and vice versa? Does it matter? And why do we always hear the phrase 'light skinned bruthas are outta style'?


Light skinned bois will ALWAYS be in style.

So I guess my point is this: think outside of the box. Its ok for my blue-black brothas to date other blue/black brothas and long as you find that connection with the other person. There's nothin wrong with hi yella lite brites dating other hi yella lite brites. Hell my BF is lighter than me...but that's a topic for another day. Thoughts?


  1. I don't understand why the preference of a shade of our skin is an issue among black people anyway. Love has no color limits.

  2. I never understood how we could go out of style either, but if I were to decided on a preference, I'd pick dark skinned guys. I've dating a couple of light skinned guys and they seemed way too into themselves and I didn't think that was attractive. Then one would make comments about us being such a pretty couple with our "light skin." This is just me and my generalizations, lol this isn't about everyone. But why do we have to go out of style like winter accessories?

  3. Ionno... I've never really out-right said I wasn't attracted to darker dudes, but it's something about the lighter skinned dudes that draw me into them. I couldn't sit here and give you a reason why I would pick one over the other, I guess it's just something subconscious. And I'm not dark-skinned either. I'm a nice caramel color, lol. Right in the middle. Not too light that I'm yello, or too dark, that I'm dark-brown.