Monday, January 11, 2010

I Like Sex!

So I'm having a convo with my BF...he asks:

"If you saw a guy that looked like this

would you wanna fuck?"

My answer....


He tells me that I have some sort of chemical imbalance...that something in my brain makes my hormones act wild and I wanna do it all the time...or something like that.


He says I should do something to keep that in check...

I say we should have sex EVERYTIME I get normal people!

I wouldn't call myself a sexaholic...or nymphomaniac. I'm just a normal MALE in my early 20s...


  1. Who doesn't like sex? I'd have a guy every night if I didn't think it would make me a ho. *Note to self: get a BF*

  2. Now thats extreme honey. You should try to control that. I dont think thats too normal. Now sex can be good....but not just cause you get horny. Dont use age as an excuse. Rise above your peers darling. Woo lord....You boys are a mess.

  3. You are a VERY normal male in his 20s

  4. yup...i'm jus turnin 20 and it's the same here...the simplest of thoughts can get me goin...

    but i dnt agree u tellin your BF that "we should have sex EVERYTIME I get horny"...what u wanna do 2 him? cave some walls.....LOL!

  5. and I agree. any man in his 20s is basically in his prime. not necessarily just tryna "get a nut" -- so say -- but we just tryna get it in! ^nice body by the way. LoL :D

  6. Bestie, you & me both. Give it to me in the morning, afternoon & evening baby! lol