Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Real World DC

So this is definitely my favorite season of The Real World EVER! (Well except for Vegas and Chicago)


Because of him:

White fish is kinda cute too (the one with the yellow arrow...she can get it)

So can he:

I'll admit TY (the black guy) isn't that cute, but his body is BANGIN and there's somethin about the way he carries himself...yah mean????


  1. Ty is the whitest, black atheist to come out of the B-more projects. I'm not all THAT religious but I can't take somebody who believes in Santa but not God.

    But this is a good season. Andrew is my boy though.

  2. I just started watching .I have usually watched every season but hey.I have always wanted to ask my brethren ,Who was the FINEST Black dude that was ever on Real World? I was crazy about Theo from Real world Chicago,I think. I was crazy about Alton from Real world, Uhm. I was a damn fool for Nick and Will on The real World San Francisco,I think that is it.Anyway...I just want to know what other people think.Oh,and my dude Karamo reppd for the brothers in The Real World Season ?...And David in Real world New Orleans.

  3. I think the FINEST black guy in Real World HISTORY would have to be THEO...he can DEFINITELY get it

  4. I'm not feeling Ty at all. His whole argument about religion bothered me. For one, I'm not a religious person, I'm a spiritual person and i believe that religion is full of rules and there shouldn't be a rules to tell me how to worship God. I won't say his views are extremist, but he wanted Mike to deny God to prove a point and that was terrible to me. Why would a man ask another man to compromise his moral beliefs to prove a point? He became ugly to me when this happened. Sorry i wrote a novel...I'm really feeling your blog today

  5. In regards to the finest black Real Worlder of all time, it HAS to go to Nick. (That was easy). Karamo was cute, but I grew to dislike "the idea" of him only because when he came out on the show, every gay man who didn't clutch a purse was "just like Karamo from Real World." His attractiveness suddenly plummeted for me, lol.

    Now with Ty and his interesting views on religion. I had a roommate in college who had almost the same ideals. He grew up in the church and because of (whatever reason) he came to be an atheist. I'm not too much of a religion person myself, but I do believe in God and I have faith there is a Heaven and a Hell, but to each his own. His issues were more than just in the belief of God, but in the way people in the church acted. I don't think his issue is with the idea of God itself, but more of WHO in the church represents God's teachings and lessons.

    But in any case... his body is kinda on point, lol.