Sunday, January 10, 2010

Control, pt. VI (The END)

Apparently there wasn't a proper FINALE for here ya go!!

Healing takes time.

It took several months for Justin to recover from his self inflicted injuries and it would take even longer for Nicholas to recover from the years of pain that his ex lover had caused. Nicholas knew he couldn't live in He often thought about what his life would be like if he had stayed with Justin. Would he change? Would he be capable of loving him without hurting him?

He didn't have time to think about that now. He had to prepare for this new journey in his life. He was moving to Los Angeles to devote more time to his career as a writer. He hoped to write his first screenplay soon and publish a new novel.

Justin made one last attempt to save his relationship.

"Baby I'm sorry. I'm a changed man and we can make this work. Stay here with me! Let's work this out!"

Nicholas was tired of Justin's begging. He had been telling the same lies over and over again for years and he was finally at his breaking point.

"Fuck you! I've dealt with this shit for two years and you're not worth it! I looked the other way when you cheated and I let you put your hands on me TOO many times! I'm not dealing with this shit anymore!"

Justin grabbed his elbow as he attempted to leave.


Nicholas could see the pain in his ex lovers eyes. He thought of the many happy times that they had shared in the past but he knew that their relationship was over. He couldn't imagine living with this monster any longer. He tried to break free but Justin's grip was too strong. He began to think about the fights of the past and the brutal pain that he endured. Nicholas wiggled around and finally managed to push Justin against the wall.

"It's over!"

Nicholas walked outside. Anthony was preparing to take him to the airport.

Anthony finally spoke after a long period of silence.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"This feels right. I need to do this."

"What about US?"

"It's too soon. I can't be with anyone right now...I need to figure myself out first."

"I love you"

"You barely know me..." Nicholas looked at Anthony as he spoke. He could tell that he was being sincere, but he didn't realize they had such an effect on each other. Nicholas had tremendous feelings for Anthony but he had to do what was best.

"We can still be will always be special to me"

And that was the truth. Anthony would always hold a special place in Nicholas' heart because he was there for him. He took his mind off of his troubles and he made him feel loved. They shared a long, passionate kiss as they arrived at the airport. Nicholas removed his bags from the trunk and said goodbye to Anthony as he prepared for this next stage in his life.


  1. Yes, Nick need his time alone. After a being in a relationship with someone like Justin, there is no need for Nick to jump right into another one so soon. As short as it was, the story was great. Now...the church and sinners story...

  2. Please revive these characters. I just read each part and need more.