Monday, December 28, 2009

Valentine's Day is STUPID


SO it might be a little early to start ranting about how much I HATE Valentine's Day...seeing as how it's still 2009 and we have about a month and a half until this stupid day approaches.


I really really really REALLY HATE Valentine's Day. And before you try to DO me and say somethin like 'Oh he jus mad cuz he aint got no man' let me let YOU know that I'm in a healthy and committed relationship, so my distaste for this stupid holiday has nothing to do with that.

Why do I hate Valentine's Day?

Because it's STUPID! Why do I need a special day to buy someone a gift and spend time with them? I should do that on a regular basis. The stores are filled with chocolate, pink teddy bears, flowers, cutesy wutesy cards, and all kinds of other shit. And honestly, what do YOU do with the gifts that your significant other has bought you for V-Day? After you break up with the person you end up trashing the shit, right? Right!


Valentine's Day is stupid...SO wer'e NOT gonna celebrate it in 2010. Ok we BF will be highly upset if I don't get him something.

But I will say one NICE thing about this stupid's a great excuse to FUCK someone! ;-)


  1. I just have to add tht I share your passion for the hate of Valentines Day...mine possibly stemming from nevr having one evr bt on 2/14 I celebrate Singles Awareness Day loving me.

  2. Single or not, Valentine's day is pointless.

  3. I agree with all of you. I hate VD too. :)
    One day out the year, you don't treat each other like shit! And on top of that, you have to buy a gift...only to be treated like shit and forgotten about when the 15th hits.

  4. Okay, here's how I feel about this situation. I'm kinda on the fence and I don't wanna sound hypocritical but if my man didn't bring me a gift on the sir. I'm gonna be pissed, I'm actually getting mad thinking about it...anyway, this post reminded me of how I feel about Black History Month. I DESPISE the idea of black history month. We need to get rid of it because it's sending out a terrible message. Okay...that's all.