Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go FUCK Urself!

So I have two homeboys...

Homeboy A
Homeboy B

Me and Homeboy A go back...waaaay back.
I've only known Homeboy B for like 2 years...or sumthin like that.

Homeboy A has been dating this dude for a few years...

And Homeboy B is fucking him...

So what would YOU do in this situation?
Would you tell A that B is fucking his man? Or would you turn a blind eye to the situation????

I really don't give a fucc about Homeboy A right now...he kinda pissed me off. Besides, it's RUDE to get involved in other people's business. So I think I'm just gonna enjoy a Coke and a bowl of popcorn and watch the DRAMA...


  1. OKAY!!!! It's like your own, live personal soap opera. Then again, if some big shit go down between A and B, you need a back up plan to get yourself out of the mess when your name gets dragged in. Lol

  2. Well that's disgusting. I dont know if i could stand there and watching my friends (whether it be ones ive known for ever or ones ive known for a short time) get played like that. But then again people dont really have friends these days. Do whatever feels right.

  3. WOW Thats a mess, I agree with AJ!

  4. I will say it's not your business. stay out.

  5. I agree. Gays are sooooo much drama, stay out of it. But keep us posted.

  6. i agree with AJ enjoy but make sure yo ass dont get dragged in the mess!!!