Friday, January 8, 2010


So I was at work today (YAY) and my first customer was a complete IDIOT.


I didn't wanna help the muthafucka to begin's what happened:

Man: My phone is broken
Me: I'm sorry to hear that sir. Unfortunately this is not a repair center. May I see your device? (I had on  my best 'I'm here to help' smile)
The man hands me his's broken in half
Me: Do you have insurance?
Man: Yes
Me: will hafta pay a $50 deductible because your phone is physically damaged.
Man: This phone is a piece of shit! Why do I have to pay? I pay insurance every month!
...and then he rambled on about how he's been a dedicated customer for years and years...blah blah BLAH

UGH...this type of stuff happens every day! I shouldn't have to EXPLAIN to grown ass people that when you pay insurance you pay a monthly premium AND a one time deductible.

Don't believe me?

Wreck your car and see what happens! Hmph...I bet State Farm is gonna get their deductible from you, or you won't be gettin your shit fixed...plain and simple.

And then the muhfucka really pissed me off when he started talking to my coworker in Spanish. Hmph...he was prolly talkin shit about me but he had to pick his face up off tha flo (ghetto talk...I know) when my coworker told him the EXACT same thing (en Espanol)


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  1. This is why I don't miss working in customer service...