Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mr. Obama...

Our PRESIDENT'S current approval rating is 47%



That is the LOWEST 1st year December approval rating of ANY president in recent history...

I think he's doing a GREAT job. He's trying to improve the failing healthcare system and fix the mess that our country is in. What people fail to realize is that George Bush didn't CREATE the problem, he ADDED to it. (Don't get me wrong, Bush is still an IDIOT) Our country has been treading downhill since the Reagan years and we FINALLY hit rock bottom last year. President Obama is doing his best to tackle various issues, and I think he's doing the best he can with the resources that he has. So let's get off of the mans DICK and let him do his job! (You know I can't write an entry without mentioning that word!) Thank you!


  1. The thing is majority of the people have this belief thing going on: the Prez will fix everything overnight. There's a major problem with that: it's impossible. Mr. Obama doesn't possess special superhuman powers to that. People need to face the reality that this man is working day and night to reverse and resolve not just a decade worth of problems but much longer years as you mentioned. Of course, many people will disagree with his policies as with all previous presidents but the level that he is being scrutinized compared past leaders is ridiculous. Granted, among some people in this country, Mr. Obama's skin color may play a part in their opinions and beliefs. I agree that he's doing a great job and we're headed in the right direction. Many countries around the world can see that. Sadly, our own fellow citizens are too blind and caught up in their unrealistic beliefs to see that President Obama has put more effort into fixing this country's problems in the last 10 months than the efforts Bush contributed to send it down the drain in during his 8 years. Let's not forget that Prez has another 3 years to go. Maybe 7...

  2. I agree with you. Last I heard ratings were back up to 50%, so now they need another way to sensationalize their hate.

  3. Obama needs to focus on things that all can agree on Education, National Security etc. He makes the country divided when he starts out with Health care reform etc.

    I have all my hopes in him - he ran a perfect campaign but is not translating that energy to the Whitehouse. Things are not going well. Secret agents allowing two hungry for popularity punks to slip through to crash the President's party. Sorry.

    Its early days and I just hope things may shape up. 47% shame shame shame.

  4. This country can't AGREE on anything. He will meet opposition, no matter what issue he tries to tackle. Everyone needs to realize that it takes TIME to fix the mess that we are in

    No matter what issue the president starts on, EVERYBODY will not agree on it. To think that every single body in an entire country will agree on something is unrealistic. Any leader of a country will meet opposition no matter what. He's tackling the health care and economy issues first because those two will take longer time than other issues. In fact, if you pay close attention to politics you would know that he's already working on the education and national security issues as well. The man is multitasking every single day. NEWSFLASH: The country was already divided before Prez decided to run for President.
    You might think that things aren't going well but the other 50 or so percent think the opposite. As for the party crashers, somebody's certainly getting fired but that's an issue that the head of secret service has to handle. It's not the president's problem.