Monday, December 7, 2009

Control, pt. II (Pleased to Meet You)

He woke up about an hour later and took a shower. The mind blowing sex didn’t change ANYTHING! He was still leaving. He got out of the shower and put on a pair of light blue skinny jeans, a bright yellow t-shirt, and a pair of silver Nike high-tops. He sprayed his Dolce & Gabana cologne and went downstairs. He kissed Justin on the forehead, grabbed his things, and walked out of the door.

He called his best friend, Tony.

“Hey BITCH!!!”

He was glad to hear his best friends voice.

“I left! I finally left!”

“What??? It’s about damn time! This deserves a party!”

“Bitch shutup! I need a place to stay for a few days.”

“You know you can stay with me. You don’t even have to ask!”

“What about your boyfriend?”

“Fuck that trifling ass nigga. I need to tell you about him!”

“OK, well I’ll be there in 30 minutes!”

Nicholas jumped into his black BMW 650i and drove across town to Tony’s house. He already had a drink waiting for him. Nicholas and Tony had been best friends since they were 15. Tony was 5’8, dark skinned, and slightly thick. He was always dating someone new and he only dated people with money. I wouldn’t call him a gold digger...he had his own real estate investment company and he was LOADED. He was smart with his money and managed to stay afloat during the rough economy. Nicholas gave his friend a hug as walked into his home.

They sat in the kitchen, drank Apple Martinis, and talked about their boyfriends.

“That  muthafucka cheated on me!” Tony said as he sipped his drink.


“Yes. Caught the bitch in MY bed!”

“Oh HELL naw!”

“And you wanna know the worst part? He was fucking fish! Fish in my bed! Bitch I had to burn those sheets and get a new set!”

“So are you gonna break up with him?”

Tony looked at him as if he had asked a stupid question, then took a slow sip of his drink.

“Girl I don’t know. The dick is good and he has money...then again the mutha fucka is a LIAR. Now tell me about you!”

Nicholas told Tony about the latest fight, the breakup sex, and his courage to leave. They talked for a few minutes before Tony went to work, leaving Nicholas home alone. He decided to go into the living room and watch TV. He began flipping through the channels until he stopped on The Wendy Williams Show. It was his guilty pleasure. She was just getting into the hot topics when the doorbell rang. 

He wasn’t gonna answer, but it rang again. 

He got up to see who was at the door.

“I’m coming...hold on!”

He opened the door and saw a 5’10 yellabone with dreads wearing basketball shorts and a fitted black tshirt. He looked like some sort of athlete.

“Is Tony here?”

Nicholas barely heard him. He was mesmerized by the visitors eyes.

“Uhh, nah bruh. He went to work”

“Oh. Well the mailman accidentally delivered some of his mail to me. Can you give it to him?”

Can you give it to ME? Nicholas thought to himself. He imagined being with the stranger on the couch sucking him up, then allowing him to blow his back out.


“Uhh, yeah. I’ll give it to you...uhh I mean I’ll give it to him. What’s your name?”

“My name is Anthony but everyone calls me Ant.”

He thought about inviting him inside and pleasuring him. He studied his body and his eyes rested on his shorts. He wondered what was lying underneath.

“Well I’m about to go to the gym. I usually don’t do this but would you like to join me?”

“Yeah. Let me change”

Nicholas changed into his gym clothes and met his new friend outside. They hopped into his silver 2009 Mercedes S550 and drove to the gym. They worked out for two hours, then entered the steam room. 

“So where are you from?” Nicholas asked.

“I’m from Atlanta, but I moved here two years ago. What about you?”

“I’m originally from Alabama, but I’ve been in Miami for five years.”

Anthony was 25 years old with a degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech. He had a girlfriend named Lela and a two year old son named AJ (short for Anthony Junior).   Nicholas usually didn’t mess with men that were involved with women, but he couldn’t resist. Anthony was too sexy! They continued talking and making eye contact in the steam room. There were two other men on the other side of the room. Anthony looked at him and bit his lower lip, which turned him on even more. He couldn’t resist. The thought of Anthony’s lips on his body made him hot. He looked him in the eyes, then surveyed his chest and abs. Finally the other men left and he let temptation get the best of him. He moved closer to Anthony and started kissing on his neck. He pushed him away.

“Hold on bruh. What makes you think I get down like that?”

“I saw how you were looking at me when we were working out...”

Anthony chuckled. He licked his lips, then started nibbling on Nicholas’ ear. Nicholas put his hand on Anthony’s back and started sucking on his nipples. He moved down his chest and his stomach, then unwrapped his towel and started nibbling on his thighs. The door was unlocked and they could get caught at anytime. This turned Nicholas on even more...

“Damn boy...that shit feels good”

He teased the head with his tongue and started bobbing his head back and forth. The idea of them getting caught turned him on even more. He licked the shaft up and down, then put the entire dick in his mouth. Anthony was enjoying the pleasure and his dick was getting wetter as Nicholas showed his skills. Nicholas was determined to make him nutt. Anthony was getting excited by Nicholas’ warm, wet throat.

“Oh shit I’m about to nutt!”

Nicholas pulled his face away and Anthony shot on his chest. They wiped off, took a shower, and left the gym. Anthony dropped him off at Tony’s house and they exchanged numbers. Justin was standing in the driveway...


  1. Yes for the rebound! He was ready to get over Justin but dammit this Justin is going to make me just go the fuck off, how the hell did he know where Nick was at? Where the hell he came from?

  2. ohhhhhhh drama...Justin jus cant leave well enuff alone..I hope Ant dont jus live Nick there and buss Justin ass...

  3. Ooooooh, that damn Justin!
    Ant sounds sexy. Of course, he had to have the dreds lol.