Sunday, December 27, 2009

PSA: I am NOT the Gay Representative!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE gays! Hell, I AM one (sometimes)! I get loose when a certain Britney, Rihanna, or Bey song starts playing. And my favorite color is purple (because it's a symbol of royalty...don't do me)

But I am NOT NOT NOT and let me repeat NOT a representative of the gay community. Like I said, I love the gays, but I don't know why they do the things that they do. I can't tell you if someone is gay just by looking at them (actually I can, but I would prefer not to).

Straight people really irritate me with this bullshit.


Cute guy wearing skinny jeans walks into my store.

Coworker: (LOUD) Is he gay?
Shrugs Shoulders
In my mind I'm thinking: BITCH if you wanna know then ask aint like you gonna fuck him if he aint (horrible grammar)


Mom: I heard one of the Jackson brothers is gay. (She says 'gay' in a quiet whisper, as if its a curse word or somethin...)

Me: Oh really?
In my mind I'm thinking: "I REALLY don't care...he's a little old for me."

If she woulda mentioned Ron Artest (Lakers), Andre Johnson (Texans), Mo Williams (Cavaliers), or Brandon Roy (Trailblazers) then I woulda been on the first flight to LA, Houston (wait, nevermind), Cleveland, or Portland.

So this is a PSA for all the straight people in the audience (if there are any): Please DON'T do the following:

1. Ask a gay man about another mans sexuality (We really don't care, unless he's an athlete)
2. Ask 'why do gay people _______'? (That's like asking 'why do Blacks/Mexicans/Asians ________'. It's RUDE!)
3. Ask if gay people's parents approve of their lifestyle. (It doesn't fucking matter if they approve!)
4. Congratulate a Houstonian on the election of Annise Parker. (We are glad she won, but we're off that now so let it go. We didn't congratulate black folk when Pres. Obama was elected)
5. Ask how we feel about gay marriage. (Ok that's just me...personally I don't believe in straight marriage either, since more than half of them #FAIL but #imjussayin)

Gays are just regular folk like everyone else...we wake up, go to work (most of us), come home, eat, sleep, and shit just like everyone else. So please please please PLEASE don't try to understand why we do the things that we do. K? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ur mother is a mess. why did i just picture her doing that.

  2. *In my best Jay-Z voice* THANK U THANK U THANK U!!
    It's a #petpeeve when people ask these stupid questions or say these stupid comments. I'm gonna start being my usual rude ass when I respond to them.

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself...

  4. okay so I know I'm late late late BUT I feel the same way. I have straight friends who act as if I'm some kinda gay ambassador and that every DL guy has to pass a screen test that we issue and I check the results, or something. LoL.

    but I always said if someone's sexuality bothers you that much, then he/she's gay. you shouldn't have to doubt someone's sexuality (metrosexual or NOT). like my mom always says, if you have a hard time tryna figure out someones's a MAN. LoL. great post!

  5. Oh I love this post. LMAO.

    I need to forward this to my mother...