Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Support Tiger Woods

I wish everyone would LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE!

He cheated on his wife!!!

So what?

I'm not saying what he did was right, but name an athlete that hasn't cheated on his wife? Besides, she started as a jumpoff and she got pregnant (lucky...bitch probably used a turkey baster)

He lost his Gatorade endorsement deal, which I believe is completely UNFAIR. This is a private matter between him and his 'wife' and its really starting to get out of hand.


  1. If only I read your blog before I posted about this in mine, LOL. But I feel you. Ppl need to leave Cheetah alone for real.

  2. i want the media to keep ripping him apart

  3. although he so dearly doesnt want to be black, i do think that the media is out of control! I was mad becuz I was watching sportcenter & they showed the 911 call!!! thats doing too much. I dont condone what he did, but he is a human being and he deserves privacy & respect. Everyone is entitled to forgiveness. no one is perfect.