Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Control, pt. III (Quality Time)

“Who the fuck was that?” Justin screamed as Nicholas walked across the driveway. Anthony stayed at the end of the driveway, observing the scene.

“None of your damn business!” Nicholas yelled as he pushed him out of the way. 

“You ARE my business! Baby I’m trying to change!”

“It’s too late for that!”

Justin attempted to hit his ex boyfriend, but he ducked and punched him in the jaw, making him fall to the ground. He got up and attempted another hit, but Nicholas ducked and punched him again. 

Justin got up and pushed Nicholas to the ground. As he got up he noticed Anthony approaching them from behind with a baseball bat. He hit Justin in the back and he fell to the ground. Nicholas kicked him in the chest, then spit on him before walking into the house with Anthony.

“You ok? That nigga is psycho...”

“Yeah I’m good. Thanks for the help.”

“Anytime. Well let me know if you need anything.”

Anthony gave Justin an angry look as he got in his car at went home. Justin stared back at him, then at Nicholas.

“This aint over! I’ll be back!”

Justin got in his car and drove off.

Tony came home several hours later. He looked at his friend in shock as Nicholas told him about the incidents from earlier.

“You better leave Anthony alone! He’s NOT a good person.”

Tony told him that Anthony was messing around with several men in cities across the country, including Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and New York. He was living with his “main BF” and the story about a girlfriend and a kid wasn’t true. At this point Nicholas didn’t care. He wasn’t looking for a relationship, he just wanted a rock hard dick, and Anthony could be that person. And he was turned on by the fact that he stood up to Justin. He would definitely keep his guard up though. He let his guard down with Justin and ended up in the hospital five times. He began to think about his tumultuous relationship...

“How did Justin know I was here?” Nicholas asked.

“Hmph...he probably has some tracking shit on you. You know they got that ‘Locator Spy Shit’. You can find out someones exact location...”

Nicholas got angry. He threw the phone against the wall and started crying. Tony comforted his friend and offered him a glass of wine. He drank the wine, then to the guest room and watched TV until he fell asleep.

It was raining when he woke up the next day. Tony was at work already and he was home alone. He had a headache and he felt scared and lonely. He was afraid Justin was watching him and didn’t want to leave the house. He jumped when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door and smiled when he saw Anthony.

“Whats up...I was just checking up on you. I called you last night but you didn’t answer. I wanted to make sure you were ok...”

Nicholas smiled hard. Nobody had ever cared about him like this.

“Yeah I’m phone is broken.”

“Well lets chill. I’m free today...maybe we can catch a movie or something?”

“Uhh I’m not looking for another relationship.”

“Who said anything about a relationship? I just wanna spend time with you!”

Nick liked the idea of spending time with Anthony. He told him to come back in an hour so he could get ready. He jumped in the shower and wondered if he was making a mistake. Tony warned him to stay away from Anthony, but how bad could he be? He thought about his dreads, his perfect body, and his beautiful caramel colored dick. He got hard thinking about him, wishing he was in the shower with him. He closed his eyes and started stroking slowly. He thought about Anthony kissing his neck and holding his waist and began to stroke faster. He thought about Anthony’s hard, chiseled body banging against his as he came in the shower. He paused before grabbing the soap and washing his body. He turned the water off, dried his body, then put on his outfit for the day. It stopped raining so he decided to wear a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, a pair of blue denim jeans, and a light green Ralph Lauren polo shirt with a pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers. The doorbell rang. He smiled as he greeted Anthony at the door.

They got into Anthony’s car and drove off. They spent the day shopping in Bal Harbour. Anthony bought him some new Prada shoes, a new wallet, and several Lacoste polos. He offered to pay but Anthony rejected him.

“Naw baby it’s ok. I got you!”

This made him smile. He was used to Justin buying things for him, but usually it was after a fight. It was nice to be treated like a Prince. At that moment Anthony appeared to be everything that Nicholas wanted. He was sexy, he had money, and he treated him right. He didn’t want to get too involved with him. After all he wasn’t sure about this guy. Something didn’t feel right, and he was always thinking about Tony’s warning. 

“You hungry?” Anthony asked.


They decided to go to Caffe Milano, an Italian restaurant in South Beach. The hostess seated them and they talked as they waited for the waiter.

“So what do you do?” Anthony asked as he stared into his eyes

“I’m a writer.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah...I’m working on my third novel.”

“How did you end up with that crazy ass boyfriend?”

Ex boyfriend...and that’s a long story. He was there for me when I was going through a tough situation. He wasn’t always the jerk that he is. He used to be really sweet.”

“You deserve better. He won’t hurt you me.”

Nicholas smiled. He was starting to trust Anthony and knew that he would be spending more time with him in the future. The waiter came and took their order and they continued their conversation as they waited for the food to be delivered.

“So tell me about your son...”

That seemed to anger him

“He’s two years old and his name is AJ. What more do you need to know?”

Nicholas got scared. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked, but they were vibing and he wanted to know about his new friend. 

“Sorry, I just wanted to know a little more about you...”

“It’s really none of your damn business!” Anthony yelled as the food was being brought to the table. The waiter stared at him for a second, then placed the food on the table and left. Nicholas looked at Anthony, then looked at his plate. He suddenly lost his appetite. 

“Take me home” he said.


“Nigga you heard me! Take me home, NOW!”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t like talking about my family,” Anthony replied.

Nicholas didn’t care. Anthony snapped for no apparent reason, which was something Justin did. He didn’t want to be involved in another abusive situation.

“Whatever. Just take me home!”

Anthony paid for the meal, then they left. Nicholas was quiet during the ride home, and didn’t say anything as they pulled up to the driveway.

“I’m sorry Nick”

Nicholas just looked at him as he got out of the car and walked to the door.

“You forgot your bags...”

“Keep them. Give the shit to somebody else...I don’t want anything from you!”


  1. You know what I love the fact that Nick is learning to Take Control and not allowing himself to be dickmatized by Anthony or taken advantage of by Justin. This is shaping out to be quite the soap opera!!! I'm hooked :)

  2. *mouth open* speechless! -- but I miss part 2. I have to catch up.

  3. nick did the right thing. fuck him! but they still gone fuck around. I'm glad nick didnt take his bags.

  4. i think ant is crazy, like psycho potential. something isn't right with him. justin IS crazy. nick did right. now, tony...i think he's up to something. he's probably the one that leaked to justin nick's whereabouts.

  5. The gifts was nice and all, but something is up if you doin all that after your second day meeting someone. Ionno. Sounds a lil sketchy to me, lol. I'm glad Nick stood up to dude tho. Dudes wit anger-management problems need to be handled from jump. Good for him, lol.