Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love and Life at Freedom University-Intro

I learned everything I need to know at FREEDOM UNIVERSITY. Four years of tough lessons taught me the essentials of life, love, and relationships. Freedom University is a beautiful historically black college located in rural Texas, right outside of HOUSTON. I came in as a freshman knowing very little about the world around me. I was sheltered from heartache and suffering my entire life, but I would be exposed to much more than I could imagine during my four years at FU.

My name is Jeremiah Williams and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My mother is a lawyer and my father is an engineer. I have two older brothers (Terrence-24 and Jason-22) and two younger sisters (Keisha-16 and Naomi-14). I decided to attend Freedom University because my brothers went there. Terrence played football and graduated summa cum laude. Jason ran track and also graduated with top honors. I earned a full track scholarship for being the top runner in the state of Texas.

I was slightly nervous about living away from home for the first time and I could see the sadness in my mother’s face the day she dropped me off.

“You have everything you need? Wal-Mart is right around the corner…let me take you to Wal-Mart.”

“Mama I’m fine…really. I have everything I need.”

I had everything I needed and enough extras for everybody on my floor. The freshmen dorms were much nicer than I imagined. There were about 12 3-story buildings (6 for the boys and 6 for the girls) spread out with a nice courtyard, two basketball courts, and a community center with a swimming pool, pool tables, vending machines, and two big screen flat panel televisions. The rooms were simple. They had two separate rooms with a bathroom in the middle.

My mom and I finished setting up my room and we shared a tearful goodbye. I was going to miss my family, even though they were only 45 minutes away. About an hour later my roommate arrived. His name was Clarence and he was from Dallas. He was about 5’9, caramel skinned, with dreads to his shoulders. I introduced myself and asked if he needed any help. He had a deep voice that made me feel something I’ve never felt before. He was also into track and we started talking about the state relays and the Olympics. Then we started talking about females and Madden NFL 2010. I could tell that we weren’t going to have any issues living with each other. He didn’t seem like a dirty person, and we had many of the same interests. We decided to walk around campus and check out some of the girls.

In high school I was a big ladies man. It seemed like I had a new girlfriend every week. I wouldn’t call myself sexy (I’m not conceited like that) but I sure as hell wouldn’t call myself ugly either! I’m a 6’1 yellabone with an athletic body and perfect teeth! Plus I got dick for DAYS and I keep a fresh taper fade. So like I said I wouldn’t call myself sexy, but you probably would! The ladies at Freedom University were already looking at me and I had my sights set on a few of them.
Later that night we had our first building meeting. I was in building 43 (or FO-TRE as we ghettofabulously decided to nickname ourselves.) We met the RA in charge of our floor (I was on the 2nd floor) and the Learning Community Manger (LCM) that was in charge of our building. The RA was a Senior Accounting major named Troy. He was a dark boy with eyes that seemed to look into my soul. I was mesmerized. It was a feeling that I couldn’t explain. I noticed him staring at me but when I would try to make eye contact he would look away and lick his lips. (Weird)

Our LCM was a recent graduate of the University named Jeremy. He was tall and bright with a curly fro, nice dimples, and he looked like he had a decent body. The natural fro look actually WORKED for him. It made him look exotic in a weird neo soul type of way. I couldn’t explain why, but my dick was rock hard.

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