Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love and Life at Freedom University-Part II

Jeremiah: Main character. Freshman track star at Freedom U from Houston, TX
Clarence: Jeremiah's roomaate/teammate
Troy: RA


I had to realize that I was at FU for a reason. I reminded myself every day that these girls could NOT get me caught up. One of the things my mama stressed to me growing up was the importance of a college education, and she would be very disappointed if I ruined it by getting some jump off pregnant.

My first week at Freedom U was filled with orientation activities in the daytime and partying at night. The Greeks threw the BEST parties. My roommate had a car and I didn’t, so I would tag along with him and his Dallas buddies to all the parties and we had a blast. Clarence and I became very acquainted during the first week. As we got to know each other we realized that we shared many of the same interests. For example we both loved track, girls, and Madden NFL 2010. I kicked his ass in that game DAILY. We also found out that we were both architecture majors and we had many of the same classes.

The first weekend away from home was a little difficult, but I passed the time by riding to Austin with Clarence to a party at the University of Texas. We stayed with one of his cousins and I got my fair share of weed, alcohol, and sorority girls. We had a deep conversation on the ride back to Freedom U.

"So are you ready for this shit?" he asked.

"What you talkin bout?"

"College...like we gotta grow up now."

"Yeah...I mean it's crazy. We on our own now!"

We talked about our expectations for the year. Clarence was the Valedictorian of his graduating class, so he was expecting to have a good semester. We got back to campus about an hour later. I was tired, so I took a shower and went to sleep. My first class was at 9am the next morning.

My mom called me early in the morning.
“Are you ready? How do you feel?” she asked.

“I’m fine…I’m excited,” I said

We had a 15 minute conversation that was filled with her saying how much she loved me and how proud she was. We hung up and I started getting ready for class. I had to pick out a first day outfit…I wanted to be fresh for the ladies. I decided to keep it simple and wear a nice LRG shirt, some Jeans, and my black and red Jordans. Hoes at Freedom U like a nigga that wears Jordans. My first class was English 101 at 9am. Clarence was in the same class so we decided to walk together.

I had another class after that, and then break before my last class at 2pm. Clarence and I decided to meet in the student center for lunch at 12:30. It was fun hanging with my roommate. There was something about him that made me smile in a no homo sort of way.

The first week of school was a lot more hectic than high school. All of my professors assigned some type of or major assignment so I spent the weekend in the library. I didn’t want to lose my scholarship, and I had a huge name to live up to. Clarence invited me back to Austin with him but I decided to stay on campus and work on my projects. Sunday morning my RA knocked on my door.

“Where’s Clarence?” he asked?

“He’s not here” I said.

“Oh ok…you alright? You need anything?”

“Nah I’m cool…thanks though.”

“You sure? I can get you anything you need…” he said as he licked his lips.

“Nah I’m good”

“Aight bro, just let me know what I can do for you,”

He walked out and I locked the door. That was a weird conversation. All of a sudden I was horny. We didn’t have visitation rights yet, so I couldn’t call a female over. I had several girls to choose from since I had met a lot of chicks at parties and in class. I thought about sneaking a girl in but I changed mind because I would get hit with a $250 fine if we got caught. I decided to watch a flick and jack off. I turned on my laptop and tried to find something online to excite me. I checked my history trying to find the last site I visited when I saw something unfamiliar. I clicked it and a gay porn site came up. That’s weird. The last person to use my computer was Clarence. I hit the X button to get rid of the image and put my computer to the side. I tried to do my project but I picked up the laptop and went back to the site. I pulled my dick out and started stroking. I looked at the images in front of me, then closed my eyes and bit my lip. I wondered what it felt like to have another man doing to me what I saw on my screen. An image of Clarence flashed into my head and I started stroking faster. Then I started thinking about Troy and stroking even faster until I shot a big ass white sticky load all over my hand, my wrist, and my stomach.

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