Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Magic Cure

SO I was telling my coworker about this BITCH that works in my apartment complex. I don't like the BITCH because she's rude and she always has an attitude. So I was telling my coworker that maybe if the BITCH got some dick she wouldn't be such a DAMN BITCH all the time, but my coworker said that DICK isn't the cure for everything. I said GOOD DICK is the cure for everything.

So here's my question for the ladies (and power bottoms...hahaha). Does dick make you feel better? Does it brighten your day? Does it put you in a good mood? And how often do you need a 'fix'?

And I would like to say to the BITCH that works at my apartment complex that she needs some dick badly. So BITCH please do whatever you need to do to get it. Maybe you can look up DICK in the phone book and see what comes up. Actually people don't use phone books anymore, so you can go to Or craigslist...yes they have dick on craigslist. And if that doesn't work (because I honestly don't think anyone would want to FUCK this BITCH) you can visit the sex store (Zone d'Erotica) located by The Galleria and buy a vibrator. Bitch...


  1. Well to answer your question .YEs.Having several rounds of good sex per day does do not only the body good , but it does the mind and spirit good to.You see when you have the constant affection of another it gives you a feeling that you are loved or at least somewhat appreciated.It makes you feel good about yourself and therefore you can feel good towards other people.And let's face it the shit FEELS GOOD.Maybe that is what is wrong with old girl? HMMM...She is not getting it done Well.That is another topic but just as important.Maybe you can help her by simply saying a good thing to her like ,Hello,you look nice today(even though she might look a shitty mess).It might the start of something good for you and her....If that doesn't worh then....That Bitch really needs some DICK

  2. Im a twenty year old virgin with males and females so i would not know at all! but funny post!

  3. Always puts me in a better mood.