Monday, March 29, 2010


One of my coworkers is homophobic. We were talking about church, and this is how the convo went:

Her: Are you going to church this Sunday?
Me: IDK maybe...what church do you go to?
She mentioned some off the wall church that I've never heard of, then asked me what church I attend. When I gave her the name, she turned her nose up. I asked if there was a problem.
Her: I heard things about their ministry that bothers me. And they have a large gay population and I think that's wrong.


OK I'm exaggerating. She didn't say gayness was wrong. She said that the gay couples at the church show a lot of affection...kissing/hugging/etc, and she thinks thats wrong (and it is...PDA is not meant for the Lords house)


This isn't the first time she talked about the gay community in a negative manner. She ALSO believes that gay people shouldn't raise children because the children will turn gay AND she believes that all gay people were raped/molested/abused at some point in their life.


This bitch is FUCKIN STUPID...

And she always says "I love gay people, and I don't have a problem with their lifestyle"

BITCH please...that's like when white people say that they have a lot of black friends...


  1. I'm so tired of it as well, ughhh!

  2. Count me in. Of course, she and I would be debating...meaning, she would be shut down and put in her place. I TOOOOOOOOTALLY agree with that last statement.