Monday, March 1, 2010

The Office


The guy above is your MANAGER and he calls you into his office to discuss your PERFORMANCE. He closes the door behind you, then seductively licks his lips as he motions for you to sit down. He sits on the corner of the desk, gives you his best 'lets fuck on the table right now' look. He says things like

"You're a HARD and dedicated worker"


"I can tell that you're REALLY GOOD at what you do"

Then he puts his hand on your shoulder, you lock eyes, and BAM...your dick ends up in his mouth, and then you end up flip flopping on his desk for a hot quickie.

Sound intriguing?

My situation isn't QUITE THAT exciting. See, I kinda think my manager has a THING for me. He's always giving me this LOOK...or maybe he's simply trying to figure out if I'm FAMILY. Unfortunately, he looks NOTHING like the guy in the picture. He's a really cool guy though...and he was probably cute back in the 80s. Early 80s...

Okay I take that back...he's a cute older gentleman. Yeah...that's what he is.

But there definitely WON'T be any hot passionate office sex anytime soon! Now as for the other guy...