Monday, March 8, 2010

UUUGGGHHHHH *mad-face*


Men experience PMS every month.


Once a month EVERY MONTH my BF walks around with a shitty ass attitude for no damn reason. Whenever I ask him what's wrong he gives me this shit-faced look and tells me that nothings bothering him.

I'm not an IDIOT and I can tell that somethings wrong with his ass, so I ask him again. He gives me the same shit-faced look, so I go on about my business. At first I just dealt with it...cause people can be moody and I know that I act like that sometimes


This shit is really starting to irritate me. *sigh* I guess I have to go back to being the OLD me...


  1. Yes, I guess you can say we do. I get moody every once in a while and want to be left alone so I just lock myself in my room. Lawd knows the results when somebody pulls a trigger...

    Just let him get through it, he'll be aiight.

  2. I can have mood swings on a day to day basis, at times. Once a month I do experience what I like to call PMS without the physical dramas. It's extreme moodiness.

    I'll talk about anything or do anything thats unrelated with how im feeling. we can talk about movies, events in the world, etc. just not about why im upset/mad

    Ppl who know me well have learned you ask that question after the moment has passed and I tell them. usually its no reason at all. like when ur happy and smile but theres no reason, you simply are.