Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Orleans Louisiana

So I spent a few days in 'DA BOOT'. Me, my BF, his sister, and her bestie hopped in the 'pussy wagon' (their words, not mine) and made the 5 hour drive to N.O.

When we got there, there was nobody at the hotel for us to check in.


SO my BF called the hotel. 


Then he calls ORBITZ (the site that he booked the hotel from) and the phone was answered by some IDIOT that didn't speak English. After listening to our situation the guy puts us on hold and attempts to call the hotel. (As if we can't see that there's nobody there).

The man comes back about 10 minutes later and said that he couldn't reach anyone at the hotel or the corporate office.


He told us that he would try one more time...

15 minutes later he comes back and said the same thing. He said he tried to find another hotel for us, but there weren't any in the area. He said he would get his supervisor on the phone to help us. He put us on hold AGAIN and about 15 minutes later a lady picks up the phone. She said she would try to help us, but she had to call the hotel and verify some information. 


By now we had already driven around the block and found a better hotel. The dumb bitch came back on the phone and said that their systems were down, but they would refund our money when they came back up.


I wanted to strangle the bitch. God knew to put my BF on the phone instead of me...cuz I woulda wore the bitch out...


After that fiasco, we changed and headed to BOURBON STREET.

BAYBAYYYYYYY...lemme tell you. Bourbon St is THE TRUTH! Daiquiri stands on EVERY corner...drunk people all over the place...women giving out SHOTS on the corner. Its really a fun place if you can get past the stickiness...and the awful smell.

And that was the end of day 1...

We spent the next day walking (yes, walking) around the French Quarter looking at all of the old architecture and what not...then we drove to this creepy ass cemetery, and went to eat at some Creole restaurant (The waiter was hella RUDE and DIDNT get a tip!)

Then it started raining so we all went back to the hotel and fell asleep. The rest of the trip was pretty boring...and not ONCE did I hear someone say BAYYYBEEEEE. I feel like I was deprived...OH WELL I still had fun... 


  1. This is why you were so secretive about the trip? Bitch...smdh. *walks away*

  2. You know what I'm talking about. When I asked you what was in the N.O. Don't fake that amnesia now, lol.

  3. Yeah, we know that now! LOL