Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sex At a Party

They walked into the Doubletree and took the elevator to the 18th floor. There was a small group of men standing outside of room 1814, wearing wife beaters and basketball shorts and they immediately knew they were in the right place. After five minutes of waiting, a guy came out of the room, directed them inside, and handed them a plastic bag for their clothes and shoes. They stripped down to their underwear and began walking through the suite, observing the various activities before getting a drink at the bar. They sipped their cocktails and continued scanning the room for prospects. The men looked at the bed and watched an eager bottom giving head to two men. They walked to the bathroom and saw another bottom getting smashed while a crowd watched and jacked off.
He shot his best friend an evil look, wondering what he had just gotten himself into. He felt someone grab his ass. He looked back and saw that the guy wasn’t quite his type, so he kept walking around the room, looking at the boys who were all waiting. Most of them were cute, some of them were, um, not. He walked to the bar, got another drink, and they continued walking around and observing until they found a spot to sit in the corner. Trey Songz was playing in the background, and the drink was starting to take its effect. He wasn’t quite ready for action yet, but he was vibing. He locked eyes with a short, muscular yellabone across the room. He got up for another drink, then sat next to him. The cutie started rubbing his manhood and kissing his nipples. He started rubbing his thighs and grabbing his ass.
He was moving too fast. He wasn’t ready for this...he didn’t know what he was getting into, but it didn’t matter as the bottom pulled his dick out of his boxer shorts and put it in his mouth. He started slurping and bobbing his head as a crowd gathered around them. He had to put on a show. He put his hand on the bottoms head, guiding it up and down. He moaned and bit his lip as he pleasured him.
It was time for action.
He grabbed a condom, lubed up, and guided his dick into the warm, tight hole. The cringed at first, but eventually sat on the dick and rocked his hips back and forth. He started slowly, then began moving faster and faster. He laid on his back as the lite skinned bottom continued to ride.
He wanted to take control.
He flipped the bottom over on his hands and knees and started pounding from the back and slapping his ass. The room was filled with his moans and the sound of skin against skin. The audience watched as his strokes got faster and he finally climaxed.
But the bottom wasn’t done...
One of the spectators lubed up and started pounding him for another round.
It was getting wild. He sat next to his best friend, who was eyeing another bottom across the room. It went on for another hour before everyone was satisfied & went home, waiting for the next little get together.


  1. What kind of evil stuff is this sh*t? R U Serious? WoW...What happens to Adam & Eve?