Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jealousy & Betrayal: Chapter 1

“Fuck you nigga!” Antonio screamed at his boyfriend Kevin as he snatched his bags and walked out of the loft they shared for the last three years. He just found out his boyfriend had been cheating on him with a nigga named Carlos from Atlanta. Kevin was an up & coming music producer, and he was always taking trips out of the city. Antonio is an up & coming photographer, and since they were both in the industry he thought he could trust him. Clearly he was wrong. “Baby come back” Kevin followed Antonio into the hallway attempting to calm him down and talk about the situation. “Let’s talk boo...I love you. I’m sorry”. Antonio looked at him and rolled his eyes. “I got shit to do...” Antonio walked down the stairs, unlocked his 2011 Dodge Charger, and threw his bags in the backseat. He called his best friend, Christian. “Yo, can I stay with you for a little while? I just broke up with Kevin’s triflin ass”
“Yea bro...stay here as long as you need”
“Ite...I’ll be there in ten minutes”
Antonio really didn’t wanna stay with Christian, but he had no other place to go. His parents didn’t approve of his lifestyle and wouldn’t accept him back into their home. His other friends were dealing with drama of their own and he didn’t want to intrude. He’s known Christian since they were 5 years old and he was going through a break up of his own, so he figured they could be there for each other. He pulled up to Christian’s building, parked, and buzzed his loft.
“Let me in nigga!!”
“What’s the magic word?”
“NOW before I beat yo azz!”
The door clicked and Antonio took the elevator to the 15th floor. He knocked on the door and Christian came out wearing nothing but his boxers and flashing that million dollar smile that always seemed to get him in trouble. “Ewwwwww nigga...put that shit away. Lil dick azz” Antonio said as he hugged his friend and walked inside. He tried not to stare at his best friends chiseled abs and  perfect chest as he dropped his bags in the living room. “Damn you got a nice lil place.”
“Yeah...been living here damn near 3 months and this is your first time seeing it. What kinda friend are you?”
“Whateva nigga...I been goin thru shit”
Christian is a sexy dude. He’s 5’10, 175 with a banging body and caramel colored tatted complexion. He plays football for UCLA and is entering the NFL Draft in the spring. He always has boys chasing him and can’t keep a steady relationship because he doesn’t know how to keep his dick in his pants. He’s not DL, but discreet about who he lets in his business, and doesn’t mess around with just ANYBODY. All of Christians smash buddies/friends/lovers look somewhat like him, athletic and sexy as hell. Christian & Antonio messed around a few times in high school, and Antonio still had a slight crush on him but decided they were better off as friends, even though he still jacked off to the image of his tight body every now and then. As they were talking about their relationship situations, Antonio’s eyes kept scanning Christian’s body and resting on his dick. Antonio is a versatile top, but Christian is packing and he is a straight top.
“Yo you ite?” Christian asked... “ bad”
Their eyes met and the sexual tension was thick. Christian also had feelings for Antonio, but the timing was never right. He knew that Antonio was the only nigga that could keep him in line and he purposely fucked up his relationships because he couldn’t see himself with anyone except Antonio. Christian’s cell phone rang, interrupting their moment.
“Yo...yea...ok” he hung up the phone and turned to Antonio. “You gonna be ite?”
“What, you got a booty call or somethin?” Antonio asked
“Hahaha maybe”
Christian put on his clothes and walked out the door, leaving Antonio alone with his thoughts and a hard dick. 
Meanwhile, Christian was speeding across town to meet Brandon for one of their sessions. They met at a party a few months ago and have been kicking it hard ever since. It wasn’t real serious, because they both had busy schedules, but Christian didn’t mind fucking his brains out whenever he could. Brandon was a dancer and the sex was phenomenal. Christian knocked on the door and Brandon answered, wearing nothing but a wife beater and black boxer briefs.
“Took you long enough to get here”
“Whateva nigga”
Brandon wasted no time unzipping Christians jeans and putting his semi hard dick in his mouth. He slurped his pipe until it was fully hard, then looked at him.
“You like that daddy?”
“Hell yea...”
Christian pulled down Brandons boxer briefs, laid him on the couch, and started eating him out. His soft moans and Christians slurping filled the room. Christian reached into his jeans and pulled out a Magnum and a small bottle of Wet Platinum.
“You ready nigga?”
“Yea daddy”
Christian lubed him up and put on the condom. He lubed his dick and began sliding his manhood into Brandon as he moaned. 
“Wait baby...slow down”
“I got you”
Brandon got on his hands and knees and Christian gripped his waist, pushing slowly until all eleven inches were inside. He started grinding slowly until Brandon got used to the feeling, then started stroking faster and faster. The room was filled with sounds of Brandon moaning and Christian grunting and slapping his ass. Their session was interrupted by the sound of a key turning in the door.