Friday, September 16, 2011

Can BOYZ like Beyonce?

This is for the bottoms...
Imagine this:
Ur riding in the car with the FINEST nigga you’ve ever seen...he’s built like a football player, has the swag of a champion, and has all his shit together. nigga has EVERYTHING!  He’s always at the hottest events and hangs out with the hottest people. The true definition of trade. One glance at him and you get moist. When he flashes his smile you’re ready to drop those briefs and let him break your back, doing things that would make porn stars blush.
There’s just one TINY problem: he LIVES for Beyonce. He gets DOWN whenever King Bey or Queen Britney is on the radio. He has EVERY Rihanna album ever made (From Music of the Sun to Loud). Is that a deal breaker? Don’t get it twisted...he still listens to Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci, & TI, but THE OTHER SIDE of him likes Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, & Kelly. Is anything wrong with that?
Can a guy be masculine and still listen to pop/R&B? Or is her forced to portray the uberhomothug and only listen to hardcore hip hop? Does it REALLY matter what kind of music he listens to if the dick is good and he’s taking care of business? I actually know a lot of dudes that would tell a nigga to either change the song or pull over and let him out. Why? 
This is why I think boys are stupid...we have an image of what a MAN is supposed to be, and if the guy we are talking to doesn’t fit that image we bounce. We have to accept people for who they are, and what they like. Personally, I don’t care what kinda music a nigga listens to (unless its COUNTRY...can’t get down with that).
I aint gon lie...I LOVE Queen Britney. Yup, I bet you didn’t know that. I go CRAZY everytime I hear Toxic but most niggas wouldn’t accept that. And if I feel that I can’t be myself around you then there’s definitely no point in us getting to know each other. We can still fuck, and possibly go out to eat every now and then, but a relationship aint gonna happen. And we aint goin to the nice restaurants either. I MITE take you to IHOP, but that’s about as good as its gonna get.
Or maybe its all in my head...maybe I subconsciously hate myself for liking Beyonce and Britney and all the rest of those girls. Nahhhh fuck that. But seriously tho, are boys allowed to like Beyonce?


  1. I was just wondering the same thing!

    Honestly, I listen to just about all kinds of music. Hip Hop gets me hyped, but R&B and Pop/Rock mellows me out. Not really a Britney fan, but I listen to Beyonce and Adele HEAVY and little bit of Rihanna from time to time. My ipod has everything!

    Frankly, I like a dude that has diverse taste in music and isn't afraid to admit he listens to Beyonce and similar artist. We'll have plenty to talk about.

    You're right though, that would be a deal breaker for a lot of dudes, even gay ones.

  2. There's nothing wrong with a masculine guy listening to R&B or any genre outside of Hip-Hop. I welcome it because I love mostly all genres.

    BUT...if he eats, shits, sleeps, breathes, showers, piss, walks, talks or even so much as fuck to a Beyonce song...I'm gone.

    I'm kinda almost liking and tolerating Bey only because of the 4 album. But I can't get with the stanning for anybody. Unless it's Breezy. But Breezy belongs to me though...

  3. @AJ: You already know how I feel about Breezy so I won't even go there...but I agree with you on the whole 'stanning' issue. And Bey Stans are crazy as hell