Monday, September 12, 2011

Learning About Boys...

I don’t wanna be loved...I don’t wanna be loved. Yup, Ms. Miguel (as I like to call him) speaks to my soul with that song. No bite marks, no scratches, no hickeys. Just wham bam thank you maam...get dressed, go home, and call me when you’re ready for round two.  Ok, I’m not THAT raw with it, but I just can’t get dudes to understand that I’m NOT looking for a relationship right now. After being with someone for two years (and technically not OFFICIALLY broken up) you can’t just jump into a new relationship after six months. Thats a mistake that is made too often. I’ve even done it myself...hell that’s how I ended up in my last situation. I need time to cool off and find myself. Wait...that sounds corny. 
Seriously though, I gotta take time to evaluate my last relationship and figure out what went wrong (although I already have a pretty good idea). And I can’t do that with another dude tied to my arm. Besides, I’m kinda sorta enjoying the single life.
Being single is what you make of it. Yeah there are people that say the single life sucks and I understand how that feels. After all, the weather is about to get cold and its gonna be cuffin season. Cold nights by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate with the boo...laying up on the couch watching passionate sex. Yup, that’s what its all about.
UNFORTUNATELY I can’t be cuffed right now. It wouldn’t be fair to me or the other person because they wouldn’t have my full attention. I have a lot going on right now. School, work, running a business, trying to have a social life. Yeah, so a relationship doesn’t quite fit into the equation. And I tell niggas all the time “I’m not looking for a relationship” but they keep trying to tie me down. And then get mad at ME when things don’t go their way. Its really not my fault.
And for some strange reason, the young kids love me. I’m talking about the 17-18 year olds. Can’t do it...I’m not going to jail for ANYBODY (except Diggy Simmons...when will he be 18?) I don’t have time to sit around changing diapers and wiping noses. Tha fuck I look like running a day care center?
I’m learning a lot about myself though...I learned that I have a TYPE, and most of the dudes I’ve dated/talked to/played around with in the best were the exact opposite. Does that make sense? Hell naw...but it is what it is. And I learned that I only have 3 simple requirements:
  1. Be able to cook
  3. Leave me the hell alone so I can play video games or watch football
Don’t get me wrong, I know how to cook my own food. I’m not saying I want somebody thats gonna have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table when I ask for it (although that would be nice), I just want somebody that CAN cook. Is that too much to ask?


  1. ... I look like running a day care center? You are so funny!It is a great thing to be single and to enjoy it. Go for what you want to not bargain or barter. Cheers

  2. Most dudes have trouble getting dudes who want a relationship, but shit their should be plenty of dudes in the H that just want to fuck. I can give you some referrals. Lmao!

    I never thought about how great having a dude that can cook (without a microwave) would be until now. Shit, if I had a dude to feed me and fuck me on the regular I'd be set! Lol

  3. Leave Diggy alone. You'll be grandad-ish by the time he's legal.

    Yes, take your time...all the time you need. You can think clearly as a single man. Find out where your head is, the direction you should be going...most importantly, take the time to discover YOU. Not in a self-sexual, explore your body way. Although, that may not be too bad.

    Before going into another relationship, you need to have a clear head, a clean slate. You said it: "it's not fair to the other person" when you come with so much baggage. Cuffin season is for the birds.

    Keep your list of your "type" simple...I think. Hell, I don't even know my type. I been single since the minute I was conceived. Smh lol

    And lastly...what the hell you mean "technically not officially broken up"?????

  4. @Sinia Thank you!!
    @Reclusive I don't think I'm ready for the HTown queens yet lol
    @AJ hehehe we had this convo already