Sunday, July 11, 2010


Not only am I a world famous writer (ok, maybe not WORLD FAMOUS, but a nigga can dream, right?) I’m also a photographer. didn’t know that? Well you do now! (Plug:
Being a photographer means that I get to work with some very sexy (and some not so sexy) people. I worked with one model in particular named Robert. He was a hot and fresh 18 year old yellabone, bout 5’9 with an incredible body and a nice, round, supple (yes I said supple) ass. 
Now, I usually don’t sleep with my models because its tacky and unprofessional. Of course everyone knows that in the real world (places like New York and Los Angeles, photographers sleep with models all the time. But I like to be different. I like to elevate myself above others, instead of being a tacky photo whore (no offense to any tacky photo whores that may be reading this #idontjudge).
I met Robert online and he told me that he was an aspiring model. I agreed to meet with him one day after work to discuss our concept for the shoot, what he should wear, what he should bring, and all that good stuff... 
He showed up wearing a black V-neck and pair of grey skinny jeans. My initial reaction was DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNN I wanna hit that...
But like I said, I would prefer to be a professional and classy photographer, instead of a tacky, dirty, classless hoe. So we discussed the concept for the shoot:
Me: So what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Him: I want to be a model, like Tyson Beckford.
Me: Tyson? He’s old. But he paved the way for young models like yourself...have you ever seen Model City?
Him: Yeah...I think Zeric is sooooo hot.
Me: He’s ight...Wendell is the sexy one. But uhhmmm I think you can make it, but you’re definitely in the WRONG place
We talked for about thirty minutes and came up with a concept and date for the shoot. I left the meeting with a hard dick and a guilty conscience (although I hadn’t done anything wrong...yet)
About two weeks later, we met up in Midtown for the shoot. I was shocked and surprised...not by the fact that he bothered to show up and pay me for the shoot, but I was more surprised by the fact that this raggedy, country, podunk ass town HAS a Midtown district. Midtown is usually found in upscale places such as Chicago, New York, and (dare I say it) Atlanta. 
Like most models I’ve worked with, he was shy at first. But I’m a charming and witty person, and I was able to break him out of his shell. He told me that he wanted to be a model/actor, and Trey Songz was his inspiration. I told him to run wild with that. We shot for about an hour, before we both got hot and decided to call it a day. We were starting to sweat, which is definitely NOT a good look for anybody thats trying to become a model OR a serious photographer. I gathered my equipment and prepared to go home.
Him: When will I be able to see the pictures
Me: It usually takes me a few days to edit...I’ll let you know when they are ready
Him: Can I watch you edit them?
Normally I would say NO. I don’t like people in my SPACE when I’m tryna be creative. It interrupts the process. But he was sexy, so, against my better judgement, I made an exception.
Me: can follow me to my studio...
So we got in our vehicles and he followed me to my WORKPLACE, a few short miles away. When we got inside he was amazed by all of the images of the other models I had worked with. I asked him if he wanted anything to eat or drink (its called Southern hospitality) before inviting him to have a seat next to me as I uploaded his photos. We went through his film and he picked the ones that he wanted me to edit. As I began the process, he started asking questions. That was fine, at first, but then it started to get annoying.
We sat in darkness, illuminated only by the glow from the computer. I looked over at him and he appeared to be entertained by watching me. As I continued to edit, I noticed that he was inching closer and closer to me until we were nearly touching. I placed my hand on his thigh. He looked at me and I knew it was GAME TIME! The idea of me being a different, classy photographer was gone at that moment. I was horny and I was turning in to a beast.
He took his shirt off to reveal a beautiful 8-pack, perfect V-line, and a pair of sexy pecs. I helped him unbutton his pants. He was wearing a pair of tight black boxer briefs. I took off my shirt and unzipped my pants. I was already rock hard, anticipating what was about to go down. He started teasing my dick with his tongue, turning me on even more. Suddenly he swallowed the entire thing like a pro. A TRUE pro. I reached into my drawer and grabbed the necessary items for our session (condoms + lube). I lubed him up and he sat on the dick and rode it until we both climaxed.
About thirty minutes later we went another round. I bent him over on the couch, across from my desk, and pounded. His ass was nice and tight...almost virgin tight, and the second nut was even better than the first one.
We cleaned up and he left as I continued editing his photos. 
I tried to behave that night. I really really REALLY did. I don’t know what happened, honestly. I’m usually not a tacky classless photo whore. I guess my hormones got the best of me :)

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  1. OMG - you are bad!!!! I love this side of you!!

    Kinda turned me on too. So you did well!