Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love & Football: Chapter 3

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The time was finally here. Demarcus was in town for his game against the Saints and Corey had to make sure that everything was perfect. He got a fresh haircut and was cruising through the mall searching for the perfect outfit to wear to the Bears/Saints game because he wanted to look sexy for his boyfriend. He knew they wouldn’t be able to spend that much time together, but Demarcus got a room for him in the same hotel the team was staying in and he hoped he had a romantic evening planned for them that would be capped off with a mind blowing, nail biting lovemaking session. Corey’s mouth watered at the thought of his boyfriend pounding his brains out and taking control of his body.
He bought some black American Eagle boxer briefs, one of Demarcus’ turn ons. Then he went to Zara and picked out the perfect outfit: A black cut out hooded jacket with a gray and black striped t shirt, black jeans, and black Polo boots. When he finally arrived at his room in the Sheraton New Orleans on Canal Street a, he saw a note on the bed along with two tickets to the Sunday night game.
Can’t wait to see you baby
Love, Demarcus

He smiled. He couldn’t wait to see his baby later that night.
Meanwhile, Demarcus was preparing for the biggest game of his career. He needed to remain focused and couldn’t afford any distractions from Darius, Greg, or anyone else. He was excited about spending time with Corey, but first he had to prepare for the Saints defense, which is one of the best in the league. He had one day before the game and he sat in his hotel room reviewing plays after a brutal practice session. 
His phone rang...the caller ID said DARIUS
“Get dressed...we goin to a party”
“Nah...I’m chillin wit my baby tonight”
Demarcus just made a mistake. Nobody on the team knew about Corey and he intended to keep it that way.
“What you talkin about?”
Demarcus didn’t like Darius’ tone. He was too nosy and he wasn’t sure if he could trust him yet.
“Uhhh...nothin. I gotta go”
Demarcus hung up the phone and called Corey. He smiled when he heard his voice.
“You ready baby?”
“Ok...I’m on my way up”
He hung up the phone. Darius called him again, but he pressed ignore as he walked out of his room and headed toward the elevator.
Upstairs, in room 1403, Corey was waiting for Demarcus wearing black boxer briefts and a wife beater. He made sure everything in the room was clean and straight. His body was smooth and shaven, he had a fresh haircut, and he was wearing Chanel cologne.
Meanwhile, Darius followed Demarcus as he walked down the hall to the elevator.
“Tha fuck you doin?” he asked
“Don’t worry about it...mind ya business”
“ goin to see yo baby?”
“Fuck you...stay outta this!”
Demarcus brushed him off and stepped inside the elevator. The doors opened on the 14th floor and he walked down the hall to Corey’s room. He slid the key in the door and opened it as it clicked. His dick got rock hard when he saw him laying in the bed in those tight black boxer briefs that showed off his beautiful, muscle toned ass.
“Damn baby...I’m bout to rip those off of you”
Corey smiled
“Is that right?”
“Oh you playin!”
Demarcus felt something wasn’t right as he looked around the room, but he couldn’t grasp what it was. He walked around the room, inspecting the bathroom, mini bar, bed, and trash can.
“What’s wrong bae”
“Nothing...just making sure everything is right for you”
He smiled and took of his shirt
“Im bout to fuck da shit outta you”
“Oh really?”
Demarcus grabbed Corey’s waist and kissed him on the neck. Their bodies were in sync as they slid out of their clothes and moved to the bed. They kissed and caressed each other, getting hotter with each passionate movement. Demarcus flipped Corey onto his stomach and teased his ass with his hard dick.
“You ready for this?”
“Mmm...yea daddy” he whispered as Demarcus nibbled on his ear
He kissed his neck and moved his tongue down his spine and kissed his waist, then fingered and licked his cakes until he was wet and loose. He pulled a Magnum and a bottle of WET Platinum from the drawer, lubed up, and slipped the head in. Corey flinched, and then relaxed and let Demarcus take control.
“Damn tight”
He kissed him passionately as he slowly put the rest of his manhood into his tight hole. He started grinding slowly, so Corey could get used to the feeling. Corey started moaning and grinding against him as the pain turned into beautiful pleasure.
“Damn daddy”
He started stroking faster and faster. He got agressive, smacking his ass and grabbing his neck. The bed was shaking and Corey started moaning louder and louder as his lover grunted and sweated behind him. .
“Yea nigga...u like this dick?”
Corey couldn’t say say anything, he just bit his lip and moaned as his boyfriend pounded him from behind. He grabbed his waist and his body began tingling as they both climaxed. Demarcus held him in his arms and they stared into each others eyes, not wanting the moment to end.
“I love you”
“I love you too”
They fell asleep in each others arms and Demarcus left early the next morning. There was a knock on his door about an hour later. Corey put on a pair of grey basketball shorts and answered the door. It was Demarcus’ teammate Darius.
“You good?”
Corey smiled
“Yeah, I’m good”
“Does ya boi know anything?’
“Good...keep it that way”
Darius kissed him and handed him $1000 and left.


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