Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dallas, Texas

This weekend I made the drive to DALLAS for All-Star Weekend (the four hour trip only took two hours...you do the math). Here is a brief synopsis (look it up) of the trip.

1. Galleria Dallas is THA FOOL!!!!!!! The Galleria in Houston is waaaaaaaay better! (Although I did cop a fresh ass pair of Reeboks and a bunch of new shirts)

2. Dallas boys are THA FOOL!!!!!!!!! They aren't UGLY, but they look kinda grimey. And I SWEAR this dude in the club smelled like pure ASSFUNK. His friends shoulda told him to take a bath before he brought he funky ass out. (But the security guard at the hotel was kinda hott...)

3. There was entirely too much TRAFFIC! (Almost cussed this bitch out on the freeway...ol stank pussy ho)

4. The night scene is DIFFERENT: No guys dressed as girls...No Beyonce...No bounce music (I was kinda upset by the fact that they didn't play VIDEOPHONE...dats my shyt!

I actually enjoyed the trip, and I finally understand why folks from Dallas act the way they do. But I didn't see ANY eye candy :-(


  1. lol and how is that we Dallas people act? I live here not born here-just wanna hear your perspective... btw this is kenyatx aka ibflrtn from twitter...

  2. Houston is better than Dallas. #justsayin

  3. @Kenya...you know Dallas folks are lil HOOD lol
    @AJ: Damn right!!!