Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The gay world is filled with good guys and bad guys. For the last seven years of my gay life I’ve been the good guy...the one who takes a lotta unnecessary shit from triflin ass niggas. And how has that worked out for me? Well let’s see...
My first boyfriend cheated on me with his “best friend”. I forgave him and stayed in the relationship only for him to keep cheating on me with half the gays in this washed up ass Bayou City. But when I cheated on him it was a problem...
My second boyfriend did the same thing, although he was a little more sneaky about it.
And the trend continued for the next few years. Maybe its me...maybe something about me is attracting triflin ass lowlife dogass niggas. Nahhhh, I don’t think that’s it. Maybe ALL dudes are triflin ass lowlife dogass muthafuckin niggas. Yeah...that’s it. I’ve been a nice guy for too long and quite frankly I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being walked all over and taken advantage of. I’m sick of doing the right thing. I’m sick and muthafuckinme tired of calling and texting when I’m supposed to and giving a fuck about what the other person has to say, only to have the shit blow up in my face.
Well it stops now. No more Mr. Nice Guy (corny ass cliche, I know). Really though, I’m about to be a dogass muthafuckin nigga, just like the rest of these triflin manwhores walking the streets. Why should I give a fuck about anybodys feelings? Why should I care about what anyone else thinks when clearly the gay male species is only after one thing? EXACTLY...I shouldn’t. And I don’t. I really could care less about a niggas feelings right now and that’s the way its gonna be. I have made some selfish decisions before, but I somewhat cared about how the other person might feel. That shit is out the window now...fuck you AND your raggedy ass feelings because quite frankly I don’t give a flying fuck about you or what you are going through. As long as I get a nut I’m good...yup, that’s just the way it is.
Wait, lemme slow down a little bit. Almost had a Waiting to Exhale/Two Can Play That Game moment. All guys aren’t THAT bad. Hold up...yes they are. I’ve come to the conclusion that guys are good for one thing and ONE thing only. Why should I waste my time getting to know someone when we all have ONE common goal in mind? And why should I care about somebody else’s “feelings” when there’s only one true FEELING that’s worth caring about?
The funny thing is this: I’m really not that type of person. I usually care about other people’s feelings but I guess I gotta find a way to not give a fuck. This should be fun...


  1. I know how you feel man. I'm attracted to dudes but I've learned you can't trust them...sad, but true.

    Don't even get me started on Houston niggas. They are notoriously FRAUD!

  2. I dunno if thats the right mentality to have. If you believe "niggas aint shyt" then you will choose aint shyt niggas to prove yourself right. Your first mistake was ignoring the red flags and choosing to staying with someone who proved to not be trust worthy. Then, it wouldnt be crazy to believe you choose someone who was similar to your ex (just in a different wrapper) and had the same results. The pattern continued because you were staying within your type.

    It may not be men in general but the types of men you choose to engage with because the great majority of us tend to stick to our "types". You, at the end of the day, are the consistent feature in all of your dissatisfying relationships.

  3. You can't put all guys in that category. We're not all the same. There are good guys but sadly, we're hard to find. Don't lower yourself to be like those assholes. It's not cute. Yes, you do deserve better but unfortunately the nice guys are always being walked all over. Why do you think I stopped trying to look for a first bf? I've learned being single that I can still be happy if I choose to be. Perhaps you should try that for a while...without the ho shit part lol. And perhaps you should move out of Houston. It's lame. Glad I left.

    But bestie, if I find out you start acting like those triflin' n-words, I'm kicking your ass lol. No seriously though...

  4. @Vain...I always try to step out of my comfort zone but it still seems like I'm gettin the same thing. Maybe I'm not stepping far enough...

    @AJ I'm always on my best behavior ;)