Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The EX That Wont Go Away...

I have this EX. Technically he was my first BF, but it really doesn't count because we never had sex and we were both VERY young. We did the whole 'stayin up late every night on the phone' thing, and that was about it. Even though he was younger than me, he had a lot more 'experience'. (That's my nice, subtle way of calling him a hoe...oop). The relationship didn't work because he played too many damn games, and I was too old for that.

We tried it again a few months later, and again the relationship failed.


5 Years Later

We have somewhat of a friendly relationship. He calls sometimes to 'check up on me'. He says that I don't call him enough.


Why would I call him? He's my EX. And he has a MAJOR attitude problem. I also have an attitude problem, and two bad attitudes don't play well together.

Besides, I have a BF and he knows this. But the dude is cute tho...kinda short, but he has a decent body and some EXCELLENT boy puss (so I've heard). So if anyone out there has the patience to deal with a psychotic psycho, let me know!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aint Gonna Make It...

I HATE sales...I really really really HATE sales. I hate the thought of pushing people to buy shit that they really don't need. Unfortunately, that's what I'm forced to do for a living. Yup...sell unnecessary shit to people that don't need it.


Let's try to have a positive attitude. At least I'm employed, right? So that's something to be thankful for. (Although if I had stayed at Sprint ONE MORE MONTH I woulda been laid off and able to claim unemployment for a few months.)


That's still the WRONG attitude. Like I said, I should be thankful that I have a job when tens of millions of people don't. I guess the job itself isn't that bad...its the managers breathing down your neck every five minutes and the trainers that lie and tell us we're in the 'people' business when its all just a numbers game. OH WELL