Monday, May 24, 2010

Saints & Sinners pt 5: The End

I know this is a short and lame ending...but I'll make it up to you with the next story, I PROMISE!

It was 3pm when Sherita Johnson received the phone call that would change her life. She was still dealing with the fact that she was pregnant with another mans child, and she couldn’t take anymore stress or bad news in her life right now. To make matters worse, she hadn’t heard from her husband all week, she missed her son, and her daughter was acting strange. Her life was beginning to fall apart, and she didn’t believe that she could put the pieces back together. She was trapped in a world filled with lies, deceit, and secrets and she didn’t know how much more she could take. The sound of the house phone disturbed her thoughts. She checked the caller ID and noticed a number that she didn’t recognize.
“Hello?” she answered
“No...that’s impossible! You have the wrong!!!”
She screamed in horror as the threw the phone against the wall, breaking it into pieces. There had  to be a mistake, she thought as she grabbed her purse and her keys. She picked up her cell phone and called her son as she got in her car and began the drive to Atlanta to identify her husbands dead body.
It was normally a 3 hour drive, but she made it to Grady Memorial Hospital in an hour and a half. She began crying when she saw her husbands lifeless body in front of her. There was a doctor and a police officer standing next to him.
What happened?” she asked.
“He was shot by a drug dealer.”
She didn’t know how to react. What was he doing around drug dealers? She was hurt and confused and needed time to think. She realized that she wouldn’t have to deal with the situation of telling him that she was pregnant by another man. She felt like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders, and she would be able to live her life free from the scrutiny of her husband and the church.


  1. *sucks my teeth as I give you the sheree squint*

    You have a LOT to make up for.

  2. Nobody said it was bad lol