Monday, November 28, 2011

The School Project...

Where u at?
Terrance texted his classmate, Kevin. They were supposed to be working on a project together but, as usual, Kevin was late. there in 5 mins he replied. Terrance rolled his eyes and threw the phone on the couch. He grabbed the remote and turned to his favorite channel, ESPN. He wanted to catch up on the college basketball scores before Kevin got there. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Terrence unlocked the door, and Kevin walked in and smiled. Wassup. Irritated, Terrence couldn’t help but smile back. Kevin had a nice smile that always got him out of trouble. He was tall and built with a body that definitely wasn’t a stranger to the gym. He was captain of the University basketball team, 6’2 21 years old, caramel skin, beautiful lips, and the body of a champion. Sorry I’m late...we practiced a little longer than normal. Kevin said as he sat on the couch. Yea yea...its coo, Terrance replied. 
Terrance looked at Kevin’s arms as he pulled his notes out of his backpack. He was wearing red Nike basketball shorts, a wife beater, and a pair of Jordan sandals with black socks. His caramel skin was flawless and he licked his lips as he watched. U ready? Kevin asked. Yeah...let’s get this shit poppin. Terrance sat next to Kevin and they began brainstorming. Damn nigga...its kinda hot in here Kevin said. Terrance got up and turned the AC up. Kevin looked at Terrance’s perfectly round ass sitting pretty in a pair of basketball shorts and black & white AE underwear that showed the shape of his ass. His bright yellow skin and perfect smile added to his perfection, and his deep masculine voice made it even better, since he was attracted to masculine bottoms. Tha fuck you lookin at nigga? Terrance said as he sat back down. Kevin could feel his heat rising as he reminisced on their last session in the locker room after the game a few nights ago. Terrance was taking pictures at the game for a local sports magazine and Kevin scored the winning 3 point shot. The locker room was empty and they had a quickie in the shower. Terrance sat back down and attempted to work on the project. How bout we write about the Occupy movement and relate it to the Civil Rights movement he suggested. Nah, how bout you come a lil closer Kevin said with a slick grin as he moved closer to Terrance and put his hand on his right thigh. Terrance pushed his hand away and moved back. Nah...I’m good.
Kevin and Terrance have been messing around for nearly two months, and were on the verge of a relationship, but they didn’t trust each other. Terrance was a star athlete and Kevin was on the of the hottest rising photographers in the country. They were always traveling, and didn’t see much of each other.
Why you trippin bae? Kevin asked as he inched closer and closer.
Oh so I’m bae now? Normally you act like you don’t know me...Terrance folded his arms and turned away.
You know I gotta protect my image...Kevin pleaded with Terrance to understand, but he angrily got up and went into the kitchen, fixing himself a drink with his back to Kevin. He was tired of hearing about his ‘image’. He knew that dating an athlete would be difficult, especially if he made it into the NBA, but he hated the fact that Kevin was so worried about his image that he acted like he didn’t know him in public. Terrance is also secretive, and only a few people know about his sexuality. Kevin bit his lip as he looked at that ass again. He imagined himself bending him over the counter and getting it in, as they had done so many times before. He wanted to hear him moan and scream his name as he pounded that ass into the wall. He knew he was mad, but the dick the perfect remedy. Terrance couldn’t was too good. He walked up behind him and started kissing the back of his neck.
Nigga what you doin? I aint playin...Terrance tried to play hard to get, but Kevin kept kissing, moving from the back of his neck to his earlobe, to the side of his neck.
Damn Kev...Terrance moaned and whispered as Kevin hit his spot. He moved in closer so he could feel his 10 inch dick pressed against his ass. He arched his back a little and slowly grinded on the dick. Damn...he could feel it and he wanted it deep inside him. Kevin reached inside Terrance’s underwear and felt that thick booty. He slid his fingers against the hole, making him flinch and bite his lip with pleasure. He pulled his shorts down and Kevin got on his knees and put his tongue deep in the hole, moving in a clockwise motion as Terrance slowly swayed his hips back in forth.
Damn that shit...damn Terrance moaned as Kevin’s tongue pleasured him. He got up and pulled his shorts down as Terrance turned around and got on his knees. He watched his beautiful dick jump as it was released from Kevin’s black Polo boxer briefs. He smiled and kissed the head before licking the shaft up and down, then putting the dick in his mouth slowly, inch by inch. He teased him before devouring the whole dick in his mouth, slurping licking and spitting.
Damn bae...get that shit wet. DAAAAMNNNNNNNNNNNN bae
Terrance bobbed his head up and down as he slurped on Kevins thick pipe. Kevin grabbed the back of his head and moved his hips back and forth, guiding his dick in and out of Terrance’s mouth.
He was ready for that ass. He pulled his dick out of his mouth and kissed him before turning him around and bending him over the counter. He tapped his dick on his hole before slowly inching it in. Terrance flinched as that big dick invaded his ass.
Damn you tight as hell bae
Kevin grabbed the Wet Platinum from his basketball shorts, lubed up and tried again. The dick slid in slowly, and they both let out a soft moan as Terrance’s walls wrapped around Kevins pipe.  He gripped his waist and moved his hips back and forth slowly so he could get used to the dick. He started stroking faster and faster.
Kevin slapped his ass, and lifted his left leg onto the counter, digging deeper and harder
Yes Da---...FUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK....ohhhhhh shiiitttttttttttttt ba---dammmmnnnnnn...AHHHHHHHHH
They moved from the counter to the couch, Kevin laid on his back and Terrance slowly sat on the dick
Shhitttt baby...
Terrance grabbed Kevin’s chest as he rotated his hips back and forth, slowly at first then faster and faster. He was in control now, and he was gonna make sure Kevin knew it.
Kevin was speechless...his toes were curling and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head. He grabbed his thighs and started thrusting the dick into him from below, fucking him like crazy. They flipped in the missionary position, and Kevin buried his face in his neck, kissing him as he stroked. 
Terrance busted a nut as Kevin continued to pound him. He took the dick out and started jacking off near Terrance’s face. Terrance took the dick in his mouth as Kevin busted.
DAAAMMMNNNNN NIGGA Kevin pulled his dick out with a loud pop and laid back on the couch. They passed out in each others arms.
©SC 2011

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