Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love & Football: Chapter 4

Corey liked sneaking around. He liked the thrill of possibly getting caught and dealing with the consequences. It made fucking around with his boyfriends teammate so much more exciting. Besides, he knew that Demarcus was fucking with other dudes in Chicago, so it really didn’t matter. The thought of getting caught was scary at first, but it became more exciting as the relationship continued.
He sat in the stadium watching his boyfriend and the Chicago Bears against the New Orleans Saints with the other players wives/girlfriends wearing a pair of grey jeans, white shirt, and a black and grey vest. He was pretending to be a cousin of one of the wide receivers so he didn’t seem out of place. He stayed low key and watched his boyfriend and his fuck buddy on the field, although he was caught up in his thoughts and not paying attention to the game.
His relationship with Darius was complicated. They had true feelings for each other, but he was with Demarcus and Darius wasn’t ready to settle down. He flew to LSU every few weeks to handle his needs when Demarcus couldn’t, and he ALWAYS made sure his bank account was full.
At first Darius felt bad for fucking with his teammates dude. After all it was WRONG. It aint like he was a groupie/fan/hoe...Demarcus and Corey had been together for a MINUTE. Then he started to see the way Demarcus treated him. Things were good most of the time, but Demarcus didn’t always give him the attention that he deserved, and he was always fuckin around with other people, when Corey tried his best to remain faithful in Louisiana (except when he was in town).
They didn’t even fuck the first night they met because Darius respected him too much for that. He invited him to his hotel room to chill before he left town the next day. He showed up wearing a pair of grey basketball shorts and a white t-shirt with some Jordans. He stared into his eyes and they talked all night about everything from sports to relationships. They trusted each other. A few weeks later, Corey invited him to LSU and they fucked for the first time. Corey’s ass was always wet and tight, and Darius had the dick of a CHAMPION. It was better than his boyfriend.
The screaming wives and groupie-hoes interrupted Corey’s thoughts. His boyfriend scored a touchdown. He rolled his eyes and gave a half ass clap as the team set up for a field goal. They were winning 27-14 with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter. The game was pretty much over, so he decided to leave even though he promised to meet Demarcus after the game. Fuck that nigga...
He made the mile walk from the Superdome to his hotel near the French Quarter. It was a beautiful, clear day and the streets were filled with angry Saints fans, mad their team lost to his boyfriends Bears. His phone rang as he opened the door to his room.
“What nigga?”
“What happened? Where you at?”
“My room...”
“I told you to meet me after the game. What tha fuck?”
“Aye...watch how you handle me”
Corey wasn’t about to argue. He hung up the phone and sat on the bed with his head in his hands. He picked up his phone and texted Darius. He wanted to see him before they left. 
Meanwhile, in the locker room, Demarcus was pissed. 
“The fuck wrong wit you?” Darius asked
Darius grinned. He knew something was wrong between him and Corey, but he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t let the secret slip out. His phone buzzed with a text from Corey
Come see me...
He knew what that meant...Corey wanted the dick. He started smiling as he typed his reply
I’m on my way
“What you grinnin for?” Demarcus asked.
“Nothin...I’m good”
An hour later he knocked on Corey’s door. He answered wearing a pair of black boxer briefs and a wife beater. He smiled as he let him in.
“Hey papi”
“Wassup baby”
Darius instantly got hard. He bit his bottom lip as he followed Corey to the bed. The held hands and looked into each others eyes
“This is dangerous”
“I know...but I don’t care. Fuck Demarcus...”
“I know but...”
Corey was tired of the conversation. He leaned over and started sucking on Darius’ neck, and then sucked his earlobe.
Darius took his shirt off and revealed his perfectly sculpted body. Corey sucked on his right nipple first, then his left one before  moving down his rigid abs and playing with his belly button. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his manhood, already leaking precum. He kissed and teased the head before swallowing all eleven inches.
“Damn baby...”
Darius moaned and his eyes rolled to the back of his head while Corey pleased him. He was ready to FUCK. He got up and got a condom from his pocket. Corey was on his hands and knees as Darius slowly put his manhood in, inch by inch.
“U like this dick nigga?”
“Yea papi”
“Yea papi”
He slid his dick in and out of Corey’s tight hole and gripped his waist as he gave him all 11 inches. Corey took it like a pro
“Damn nigga...”
Darius pulled his dick out and stroked until he nutted on Corey’s chest. They laid in each others arms, enjoying each others company and the scent of the sex in the air until someone knocked on the door. Corey grabbed a towel and cleaned up. He looked through the peephole and saw his boyfriend standing in the hallway.