Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love & Football: Chapter 2

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Damn daddy...get it...get it...get it. Ahhhhhhh I’m bout to.......


Corey’s alarm sounded and he woke up sweating. The sweat glistened against his toned body. He lifted the red, silk sheets and sat on his full sized bed. He looked at the erection that had formed inside his tight, black American Eagle boxer briefs. He wished Demarcus was there to lay him on the bed and drive his massive, eleven inch dick into him until he couldn’t take it anymore. His phone rang and he smiled when he heard Demarcus’ deep, sexy voice in his ear.
Morning bae
Morning D. When you comin down here? I need you to lay that pipe!!!
Demarcus laughed. I’ll be in New Orleans next weekend when we play the Saints. Yall got a home game, right?
Ite...I’m gonna try to watch you play. I aint as good as me but its cool.
Didn’t I break your receiving record? Oh ok...thought so!
Whateva nigga...gimme a kiss and get ready for practice!
Meanwhile, Demarcus was engaged in an early morning practice session with the Chicago Bears.  The team just suffered its first loss of the season, and he was extra aggressive on the field. He was playing with the utmost skill and drive, showing the other players and coaches why he was one of the leading receivers in the league. 
After practice, Demarcus walked into the locker room, stripped, and hit the showers. His muscles were sore, and he needed a steaming hot shower to relax and unwind. He turned the water to its hottest level and stood under the sprayer. He bit his lip and allowed the piping hot water to massage his body. He closed his eyes and imagined his boyfriend on his knees in front of him, massaging his dick with his tongue. The laughter of Darius and the other players entering the showers interrupted his fantasy
Aye nigga...what you doin?
What it look like?
His dick went limp, and he turned off the water, dried his body, and put on his underwear .
Darius followed him from the shower to the locker room. 
We goin to a party tonight. You comin?
Yeah...I guess.
Aww whatever. You always say that...
Nah for real this time. I’m coming.
Darius was always trying to get him to hang out with him, but he always declined. There was something about Darius that he didn’t trust, although he couldn’t quite figure out what it was. He always had a sly look on his face, like he had a trick up his sleeve. Demarcus didn’t have time for drama, so he kept people like Darius as far away as possible. Right now he was missing his boyfriend, and he needed something to distract him, so he decided to take Darius up on his offer.
Later that night, he sat in his massive walk-in closet, wearing nothing but a pair of fitted red boxer briefs, trying to figure out what to wear. He had a wide assortment of shoes, shirts, and jeans to choose from and his closet was color coordinated with apparel in every color of the rainbow. He decided to keep it simple. He pulled out a pair of grey True Religion jeans, a white v-neck Polo T-Shirt, and his grey Polo sneakers. 
He sat on the bed, and thought about canceling. He really didn’t feel like being bothered with anyone tonight. He heard a knock at the door as he was picking up his cell phone to call Darius. He put on his jeans, walked out of his bedroom and through the living room and looked through the peephole. 
Open up nigga

Darius was standing outside, waiting to be let in. He was wearing a black New York Yankees hat, a white V-Neck, black jeans, and a pair of black & white Jordans.  
You early...
Nah just late. Put on a shirt...don’t nobody wanna see that bird chest you got. 

He playfully punched him in his chest as he followed him to the living room.
Ya mama like it...he laughed. You want a drink?
Yea...fix me something strong.
Darius sat on the couch and Demarcus walked into the kitchen, took a glass out of the cabinet, dropped 4 ice cubes into it, then poured a mixture of Coca-Cola and Crown Royal. He handed Darius the drink and sat next to him. He looked at him while he sipped his drink. Darius was very handsome, and his playful personality made him even more attractive. 
Damn...this is strong!
You said that’s what you wanted! Where we goin tonight?
You’ll see...
He drank the rest of his drink as Demarcus finished getting dressed. Thirty minutes later, they were cruising the streets of Chicago in Demarcus’ black Range Rover. Darius was sitting in the passengers seat bobbing his head to the beat of Drake & Lil Wayne’s Right Above It. The night was chilly and the city was bustling with activity. 
Where we goin?
Make a left at the next light. And then a right at the stop sign.
Demarcus followed Darius’ directions and they ended up at a brownstone with several cars parked along the street. He found the first available parking space and parallel parked his massive vehicle between an BMW X5 and a Mercedes S550. 
What’s this? I thought we were going to a club. me. You gonna like this.
They got out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to the house. There was a man standing at the door, guarding the party from crashers and other uninvited guests. He was about 6’1, 280 lbs, and looked like Rick Ross.
You on the list?
Darius answered. name is Terrance and this is my boy D.
Demarcus gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he lied about his name. Something definitely wasn’t right, but the man checked his list and nodded for them to come inside.
Darius...what’s this? Why did you...
He didn’t let him finish..
Just’ll see.
They walked into a room filled with young, attractive men...all aged from 18-23. They were all slim built, some yellabone and some dark skinned. Demarcus locked eyes with a cutie that looked a lot like Corey. He had a sweet, innocent smile, slim waist, and a nice round set of cakes. 
D what the fuck is this? Why did you bring me here?
It’s cool Marcus...chill. A lotta guys from the team come here. We gotta do what we gotta do.
Fuck you mean? I aint down for this shit.
You aint gotta play me. I been peepin you since day one. I know you fuck around.
This wasn’t the time or the place to argue with Darius so he figured he would deal with the situation later. They walked down a narrow hallway into a large room filled with more people. There was a 50 inch television on the wall and a group of guys were watching a porno featuring a cute yella bottom getting his brains knocked out by a dark skinned tatted up dread head. They made their way to the kitchen where two shirtless bartenders were preparing drinks for the guests. Demarcus decided to relax and ordered a Bud Light Lime, while Darius ordered a Martini.
Just relax...have a little fun. 
Darius disappeared into the crowd and left him standing there alone. He decided to walk up to the cutie from earlier, who had made his way into the living room, and introduce himself. He recalled Darius giving the bouncer a fake name, so he decided to use one as well.
Sup...I’m uhh Kevin.
Nice to meet you...I’m Greg.
They shook hands and struck up a conversation. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting, right?
So where u from?
New Orleans...u?
I’m from NYC. You look familiar though...
Demarcus got nervous. Did he recognize him from the football team? He couldn’t stay there any longer. He didn’t want to risk his true identity being revealed. He started looking for Darius, and found him in a corner getting head from some thirsty boy that had already sucked up half of the guests in the house.
Greg snuck up behind him.
Did I scare you? Its cool...I won’t tell anyone. I know who you REALLY are, Mr. Smith, and your secret is safe. Follow me...
Demarcus was still nervous, but he was also curious and he wanted to see what Greg had in store for him. More importantly, he wanted to know why Darius brought him there in the first place. Was it a set up? Was he being watched? Or was everything legit like he said it was? So many thoughts were running through his mind as he followed Greg down the hallway. He looked at his slim, form fitting jeans and licked his lips at the thought of how perfectly they fit his body. He moved a little closer and put his right hand on his ass as he followed him upstairs to one of the bedrooms. He sat on the bed as Greg closed the door and took off his shirt, revealing a slim & toned body with a pierced belly button, barbed wire tattoo around his waist, and a G with a Crown tattooed on the left side of his chest.
You like what you see?
He sat on his lap and started moving his tongue in circles on his neck and his ear.
You like this Daddy?
Greg whispered in his ear as he reached for his dick. He was semi hard at this point, but his conscience was getting the best of him. He didn’t want to hurt his boyfriend, and he knew this was wrong.
I can’t do this...
You know you want it.
Greg got on his knees and reached for Demarcus’ zipper. Demarcus tried to push his hand away, but his dick was getting harder. Greg stood up and lifted the white v-neck tshirt above Demarcus’ head and tossed it to the side. Demarcus gave in to temptation, unzipped his pants and Greg went down and started teasing the head with his tongue. He moved his lips from the head to his balls, then back to the head. He bobbed his head up and down, slurping on his dick like it was a lollipop. Demarcus tried to resist at first, but eventually gave in to the warm, wet pleasure of Greg’s skilled lips. He licked his balls and stroked his dick before putting it back in his mouth and deepthroating like a true porn star. He had amazing skills, obviously from years of practice. Demarcus laid back on the bed and cradled Greg’s head with his right hand. He moaned in ecstasy as Greg continued to slurp and gag.
Damn that shit. Suck this dick.
Demarcus closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip, enjoying the pleasure he was receiving from Greg’s gifted tongue. His left leg started shaking and he gripped the back of Greg’s head.
Ohhhh shit I’m bout to nut...
Demarcus started stroking his dick and nutted on Greg’s lips. He licked it up, savoring the sweetness.
Greg gave him a devilish grin as they cleaned up and exchanged numbers. He walked through the hallway until he found Darius talking to a group of guys outside. 
You ready?
Yea...let’s go.

Demarcus still felt something wasn’t right as they walked quietly to his Range Rover.